Economical Unshelved Talks

Over the last nine years Gene and I have established a strong reputation for entertaining and educating audiences with our keynotes at library conferences, comic and book shows, staff days, and corporate events. We've got a list of glowing references a mile long, with many satisfied customers bringing us back year after year.

There's just one problem -- hiring us both and flying us across the country costs a lot of money.

So, starting today, we are offering a new, more economical option: just hire one of us. This is something we do all the time anyway, but previously we charged the same fee whether you got one or both of us. Now we are offering the option to hire one of us for about half the price. We think this will make a big difference for tight budgets, and it gives us the impressive ability to be in two places at once.

You can find out more about our keynotes on our Talks & Appearances page. Email Gene for information about our new pricing, and to inquire about availability.

Our next appearances


* Howard County Library System Staff Day (MD)*
* Chandler Public Library Staff Day (AZ)*
* Greene County Public Library Staff Day (OH)*

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