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Update: Preorders will begin later this month. Contact Gene for more information, or to be notified when preorders begin.

Poopy Claws by Gene Ambaum and Sophie Goldstein

Today I'm proud to announce my new kids book, Poopy Claws. It's a short, all-ages graphic novel by me and cartoonist Sophie Goldstein(NSFW), co-creator of Darwin Carmichael is Going To Hell(NSFW).

As the cover suggests, it's about a boy and his cat and his cat's poop. But that's just mud on the cover.

I really love independent, creator owned comics. I like going up to an artist's table at comic conventions like Stumptown, ECCC, or APE and finding comics that surprise me. These books are things I know I'd never find at a store, and they feel very personal. And they made me want to create something similar.

I grew up on my grandmother's hospital stories. Her poop stories were the best (by which I mean the worst, but also the funniest). Her cats had an overflowing box. I got to thinking about my cat, Tokyo, and the fact that he almost never cleans his paws...

So I wrote a story about a boy and his cat that won't poop in its box. I waited until I met Sophie, who had the the perfect style to illustrate it. And now, after all of her hard work, the book is on its way.

It's a beautiful hardover complete with colorful endpapers and pictures of our cats.

We're also creating 100 signed and numbered artist's editions with a custom drawing by Sophie, who I believe is destined to take over the cartooning world.

Please head over to the Poopy Claws page for more information on the book, including a preview, as well as links to Sophie's work.

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