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It's a Trap!

Thanks to everyone who entered our 32 Fangs contest and tried to design the ultimate vampire trap in 140 characters or less.

Sets of all of the books in David Wellington's amazing vampire series, provided by Three Rivers Press and Random House, go to:

Midnight marathon past the vamp nest, all runners hydrated thoroughly with holy water.


a pint of fresh blood enticingly placed in a tanning bed tricked out coffin-style and set to maximum crispy-fry.

The following two runners-up receive a signed copy of 32 Fangs:

Invitation to seductive young lady's secretly sanctified room followed by dousing in holy water/propane mix. Ignite. Scatter ashes.

Open a blood bank, spike a few random bags with holy water, and fire the security staff.

Winners, DM me your address to claim your prize.

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