Unshelved T-shirt Quilt

Unshelved T-shirt Quilt

This fabulous Unshelved T-shirt Quilt will be part of the silent auction at ALA Annual in Chicago next week. Proceeds will benefit the Christopher J. Hoy scholarship fund. You should be able to bid on it outside the exhibit hall.

The quilt is the work of Jill Patterson and Kelly Sattler. Kelly's quilting is super cool because the patterns compliment the T-shirts: Read to Me has "Once upon a time...Happily ever after" around the edge, Bibliovore has "nom nom nom" at the top and features a familiar video game character eating books, and Today is a Good Day to Read has the starship Enterprise quilted into the fabric. You can these details and more in the pictures below.

Bibliovore Read to Me The Book Was Better All You Need Is Books

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