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Today's guest strip comes to us courtesy Tony Cliff. At TCAF in 2012, Tony's Delilah Dirk adventure was the book librarians kept telling me about, waving signed copies in my face. In fact, it was too popular -- by the time I found Tony's table, it was sold out. I was able to read it on his website, but I'm still a print comics guy. Luckily it's being published this month by First Second, and I can finally pick up a copy. And check out this Deliah Dirk-inspired travel poster -- it makes me want to go back to London.

In this week's Unshelved Book Club you'll find books about arsenic, a family with secrets, a woman experiencing episodes from her past lives, quilting, a boy who can turn himself invisible, a captive prince, Burma, and the quarantine of a small island in Maine.

Remember, when you see a sponsored book marked Giveaway it means you have a chance to get a free copy. Look for the friendly yellow icon!

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