Library Rangers Update #1

We announced the Library Rangers Kickstarter on Tuesday, and by Wednesday it was already funded! That's amazing - thank you to all of you who pledged so quickly and generously! The response has been tremendous.

We have big plans, and this is only the first step! When we get to $9000 all backers will get a Library Ranger membership card, at $12000 they'll get a printable PDF and desktop background of a fun poster showing all the badges, and at $15000 every pledge for two or more badge packs gets a FREE 2"x3" Library Rangers logo patch, a $6 value! And there's more to go after that!

We've only got 20 days left to accomplish all our lofty goals, so we hope you will pledge and also tell everyone you know about this super fun project! And if you haven't already seen the video, please check it out - it may be the best part of the whole thing, and it's completely free!

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Nov 10, 2017 St Joseph, Missouri St. Joseph Public Library Staff Day (private event) (Gene)

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