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The Art of Chris Hallbeck

Buddy libray open sign

I love Chris's art, and he's been doing an amazing job since he started drawing Unshelved at the end of February. From Buddy running in a giant hamster wheel to the accidentally scary storytime shadow, he has really put himself into every Unshelved strip he's drawn.

Yesterday he cracked me up. We were talking about today's comic when he told me about the hours he'd spent drawing that last panel, and the absolute dread he'd felt at first seeing our script for it:

Dewey takes him in the back room. The books are taking over -- they're all flowing out of the bookdrop room and burying the processing desks and personal desks, everything. (It's like a scene from The Blob but the monster is a pile of books.) The guy has with a miner's hard hat with light on it. Dewey is attaching a safety rope / harness to the guy.
Dewey: Don't start digging until the safety line is secure.

His comment: "I'm sick of drawing rectangles."

I told him I love those rectangles! I hope you're as happy with his art as I am.

If you want to see his process, check out this time lapse video on our Patreon page.

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