Unshelved Answers shut down on Tuesday, April 19th, 2011.

When we first heard we could create our own StackExchange site, we jumped on it. We envisioned Answers as a place where librarians could ask one another for help and share their expertise. But just as things were taking off, StackExchange changed their business model. (Answers users have applied for a replacement site but so far have not succeeded.) They gave us a year to get our affairs in order. That year has now passed.

We would like to thank everyone who used Answers. You helped Bill find an old book he loved. You helped us figure out what to ask Nancy Pearl during last year's BEA interview. But more importantly, you helped each other, and it was great to both witness and be a part of.

If you are of a technical persuasion the entire database of questions and answers is right here. It's set of XML files, and therefore not for the weak of heart. If you do something cool with it, let us know and we'll add that information here.

Gene and Bill
the Unshelved guys