@bookblrb A teeny tiny little book recommendation every day 2014-11-28T07:00:00.0000000Z Gene Ambaum Bill Barnes (c) Overdue Media LLC A mixed family's attempts at diplomacy with their grumpy neighbor go very wrong. 2014-11-28T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-11-28T07:00:00.0000000Z In a survivalist camp, teens get the message: the apocalypse is just around the corner and they’re not ready. 2014-11-27T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-11-27T07:00:00.0000000Z Astronaut Mark Watney was left behind on Mars during an emergency evacuation, and has to figure out how to survive. 2014-11-26T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-11-26T07:00:00.0000000Z Across the galaxy, John Prophets emerge from 10,000 years of slumber to reawaken the Earth Empire. 2014-11-25T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-11-25T07:00:00.0000000Z Austin Szerba explains how he and his best friend Robby accidentally started the apocalypse in Ealing, Iowa. 2014-11-24T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-11-24T07:00:00.0000000Z Just after the Battle of Yavin, Han and Chewie go to the heart of the Empire to retrieve a rebel spy. 2014-11-23T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-11-23T07:00:00.0000000Z An aging professor returns to screenwriting. A young pianist is hypnotized into believing she’s a novelist. 2014-11-22T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-11-22T07:00:00.0000000Z Ever is tired of being treated as if she’s invisible and stupid because she’s overweight. She decides to get surgery. 2014-11-21T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-11-21T07:00:00.0000000Z Goat is totally disgusted by Unicorn, who can't stop showing off just how great he is. 2014-11-20T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-11-20T07:00:00.0000000Z Joe and Lilly travel back in time to England in the 1200s to learn about history. 2014-11-19T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-11-19T07:00:00.0000000Z After Willow’s parents die, another family takes her in and tries to make sure she’s cared for. 2014-11-18T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-11-18T07:00:00.0000000Z