@bookblrb A teeny tiny little book recommendation every day 2015-05-07T07:00:00.0000000Z Gene Ambaum Bill Barnes (c) Overdue Media LLC At the end of a young man’s relationship, he fails to see things around him: ghosts, emails, tumors, and more. 2015-05-07T07:00:00.0000000Z 2015-05-07T07:00:00.0000000Z After a painful time, an author draws closer to his estranged family and the woman who will become his wife. 2015-05-06T07:00:00.0000000Z 2015-05-06T07:00:00.0000000Z A trip with chef Alice Waters in her pursuit of fresh, local ingredients for her restaurant and her school programs. 2015-05-05T07:00:00.0000000Z 2015-05-05T07:00:00.0000000Z 1927 was a remarkable year, from Ruth's and Gehrig’s home run race to Charles Lindberg’s solo flight and more. 2015-05-04T07:00:00.0000000Z 2015-05-04T07:00:00.0000000Z Via a random process, 1 in 1000 people are randomly killed at a predetermined date between ages 18 and 24. 2015-05-03T07:00:00.0000000Z 2015-05-03T07:00:00.0000000Z An amateur choral singer explores the joy of singing together. 2015-05-02T07:00:00.0000000Z 2015-05-02T07:00:00.0000000Z 10-year-old Melanie is rescued from life as an experimental subject and spirited into a world that is falling apart. 2015-05-01T07:00:00.0000000Z 2015-05-01T07:00:00.0000000Z During a zombie outbreak, vampires go on a feeding frenzy and then realize their food supply is disappearing. 2015-04-30T07:00:00.0000000Z 2015-04-30T07:00:00.0000000Z Queen Victoria can’t simply go for a swim. So her husband builds her a contraption to give her some privacy. 2015-04-29T07:00:00.0000000Z 2015-04-29T07:00:00.0000000Z Dot and her grandma Dot try to reach each other in time for their birthdays. 2015-04-28T07:00:00.0000000Z 2015-04-28T07:00:00.0000000Z Josh decides that his life must change before he turns sixteen, whether his strict mother approves or not. 2015-04-27T07:00:00.0000000Z 2015-04-27T07:00:00.0000000Z