@bookblrb A teeny tiny little book recommendation every day 2014-07-29T07:00:00.0000000Z Gene Ambaum Bill Barnes (c) Overdue Media LLC Everything Sheri Booker learned about life and business during nine years working at a Baltimore funeral home. 2014-07-29T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-29T07:00:00.0000000Z Charles Manx III takes children to Christmasland, where unhappiness is forbidden. 2014-07-28T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-28T07:00:00.0000000Z A board book filled with a myriad of odd, colorful creatures whose adventures play out on every page. 2014-07-27T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-27T07:00:00.0000000Z An in-depth biography of the symbol of American manliness. 2014-07-26T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-26T07:00:00.0000000Z Gameknight999, who likes to make Minecraft difficult for others, suddenly finds himself in the game. 2014-07-25T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-25T07:00:00.0000000Z Essayist Anne Lamott meditates on the ways we manage to keep going when life swats us down. 2014-07-24T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-24T07:00:00.0000000Z King Enki tries to change his tightly controlled society before his one-year term ends with his public sacrifice. 2014-07-23T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-23T07:00:00.0000000Z The sun rises in the West and sets in the East. People die, live, and are born except Adam, who never gets younger. 2014-07-22T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-22T07:00:00.0000000Z The best sushi chef in LA is the subject of a tug-of-war between two warring restaurant factions. 2014-07-21T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-21T07:00:00.0000000Z A police detective travels back in time to solve (but not stop) a famous murder mystery before it happens. 2014-07-20T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-20T07:00:00.0000000Z Burglar/Private Eye Junior Bender is hired to find out who ruined the career of a promising starlet in the 1950s. 2014-07-19T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-19T07:00:00.0000000Z