@bookblrb A teeny tiny little book recommendation every day 2014-07-22T07:00:00.0000000Z Gene Ambaum Bill Barnes (c) Overdue Media LLC The sun rises in the West and sets in the East. People die, live, and are born except Adam, who never gets younger. 2014-07-22T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-22T07:00:00.0000000Z The best sushi chef in LA is the subject of a tug-of-war between two warring restaurant factions. 2014-07-21T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-21T07:00:00.0000000Z A police detective travels back in time to solve (but not stop) a famous murder mystery before it happens. 2014-07-20T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-20T07:00:00.0000000Z Burglar/Private Eye Junior Bender is hired to find out who ruined the career of a promising starlet in the 1950s. 2014-07-19T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-19T07:00:00.0000000Z Keri, Janna, and Sione don’t believe their older brothers killed themselves. They think they were murdered. 2014-07-18T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-18T07:00:00.0000000Z Ariane, a half-alien hybrid, does her best to blend in to human society. 2014-07-17T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-17T07:00:00.0000000Z A mysterious voice teaches a pacifist Ugandan doctor to use violence to save a young girl kidnapped by rebels. 2014-07-16T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-16T07:00:00.0000000Z A foodie shares stories of her life, including an unexpected romance, and her favorite recipes. 2014-07-15T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-15T07:00:00.0000000Z Intertwining stories across generations tell the story of Bakerton, PA, a mining town in decline. 2014-07-14T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-14T07:00:00.0000000Z A widowed chef is kidnapped by a pirate and forced to cook unique, exotic meals for her (or else). 2014-07-13T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-13T07:00:00.0000000Z Illustrated poems about the first forty-three U.S. presidents. 2014-07-12T07:00:00.0000000Z 2014-07-12T07:00:00.0000000Z