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How I Made It To Eighteen a mostly true story by Tracy White (2010)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on May 27, 2011 tagged biographycoming of agegraphic novel

How the World Was A California Childhood by Emmanuel Guibert (2014)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on July 18, 2014 tagged biographycoming of agegraphic novel
    Emmanuel Guibert’s graphic novel based on his friend Alan Cope’s tales of his California childhood.

How They Croaked The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous by Georgia Bragg, Kevin O'Malley (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on March 25, 2011 tagged biographynonfiction

How to be Black by Baratunde Thurston (2012)
    Reviewed by billba on March 23, 2012 tagged biographyhumor

How to Talk to an Autistic Kid by Daniel Stefanski (2011)
    Reviewed by sarahhunt on July 15, 2011 tagged biographynonfiction

Hyperbole and a Half Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened by Allie Brosh (2013)
    Reviewed by sarahhunt on February 7, 2014 tagged biographycomic stripshumor
    Illustrated stories, both hilarious and heartrending, from Allie Brosh’s blog.

The Hypo The Melancholic Young Lincoln by Noah Van Sciver (2012)
    Reviewed by craigseasholes on December 14, 2012 tagged biographygraphic novel

The Hypocrisy of Disco a Memoir by Clane Hayward (2007)
    Reviewed by darcy on November 29, 2013 tagged biographycoming of age
    Clane Hayward's memoir about growing up in hippie communes, which were strange and often primitive.

I Am Abraham Lincoln (Ordinary People Change the World) by Brad Meltzer, Christopher Eliopoulos (2014)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on January 23, 2015 tagged biographygraphic novelpicture book

I Am Amelia Earhart (Ordinary People Change the World) by Brad Meltzer, Christopher Eliopoulos (2014)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on January 23, 2015 tagged biographygraphic novelpicture book

I Am Maru by mugumogu (2011)
    Reviewed by sarahhunt on March 2, 2012 tagged biographycoffee table bookhumor

I Am Ozzy by Ozzy Osbourne, Chris Ayres (2009)
    Reviewed by darcy on May 3, 2013 tagged biography

I Invented the Modern Age The Rise of Henry Ford by Richard Snow (2013)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on April 5, 2013 tagged biography
    Henry Ford, a mechanical whiz who invented the assembly line, was also strange, cruel, bigoted, and poor at business.

I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow by Jonathan Goldstein (2013)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on March 29, 2013 tagged biographyhumor
    Jonathan Goldstein, star of the NPR radio show Wiretap, documents the year between his 39th and 40th birthdays.

I'm Down A Memoir by Mishna Wolff (2010)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on January 8, 2010 tagged biographycoming of age

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot (2010)
    Reviewed by silver on November 26, 2010 tagged biographynonfiction

I'm with Fatty Losing Fifty Pounds in Fifty Miserable Weeks by Edward Ugel (2010)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on October 15, 2010 tagged biography

In the Land of Long Fingernails A Gravedigger in the Age of Aquarius by Charles Wilkins (2009)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on October 15, 2010 tagged biography

The Iridescence of Birds: A Book About Henri Matisse by Patricia MacLachlan, Hadley Hooper (2014)
    Reviewed by wally on March 4, 2016 tagged biographypicture book

I, Too, Am America by Langston Hughes, Bryan Collier (2012)
    Reviewed by billba on September 14, 2012 tagged biographyhistorypicture bookpoetry

It's So Easy and Other Lies by Duff McKagan (2012)
    Reviewed by darcy on November 1, 2013 tagged biography
    Guns ’N Roses bassist Duff McKagan discusses his early life, his bands, and his struggles with addiction.

I Was Looking For A Street by Charles Willeford (2010)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on August 22, 2014 tagged biographycoming of age
    Charles Willeford’s memoir of his boyhood in Los Angeles and hitting the road as a teen during the Great Depression.

I Would Die 4 U by Touré (2013)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on April 12, 2013 tagged biography
    An in-depth biography of the controlling, über talented rock icon, Prince.

Jerusalem Chronicles from the Holy City by Guy Delisle (2012)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on October 5, 2012 tagged biographynonfiction

The Job True Tales from the Life of a New York City Cop by Steve Osborne (2015)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on February 13, 2015 tagged biographymystery

John Hughes: A Life in Film: The Genius Behind Ferris Bueller, The Breakfast Club, Home Alone, and more by Kirk Honeycutt (2015)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by emilyreads on January 15, 2016 tagged biographynonfiction

John Wayne The Life and Legend by Scott Eyman (2014)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on February 21, 2014 tagged biography
    An in-depth biography of the symbol of American manliness.

Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So A Memoir by Mark Vonnegut (2013)
    Reviewed by silver on August 23, 2013 tagged biography

Kampung Boy by Lat (2006)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on December 17, 2006 tagged biographygraphic novel

Kanye West Owes Me $300 by Jensen Karp (2016)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on February 19, 2016 tagged biography

Kate: The Future Queen by Katie Nicholl (2013)
    Reviewed by murphy'smom on September 9, 2016 tagged biography

King of the Mild Frontier by Chris Crutcher (2004)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on January 8, 2006 tagged biographycoming of age

Kiss & Tell A Romantic Résumé, Ages 0 to 22 by MariNaomi (2011)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on June 28, 2013 tagged biographycoming of agegraphic novel

The Lady and Her Monsters: A Tale of Dissections, Real-Life Dr. Frankensteins, and the Creation of Mary Shelley's Masterpiece by Roseanne Montillo (2013)
    Reviewed by robert on October 30, 2015 tagged biographyclassicscience

Laughing At My Nightmare by Shane Burcaw (2014)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on February 13, 2015 tagged biographyhumor

Laughter, Tears, and Braids A Father's Journey Through Losing His Wife to Cancer by Bruce Ham (2013)
    Reviewed by emilyreads on January 16, 2015 tagged biography

Lecile: This Ain't My First Rodeo by Lecile Harris (2015)
    Reviewed by murphy'smom on February 26, 2016 tagged biography

My Life In A Jugular Vein Three More Years Of Snakepit Comics by Ben Snakepit (2007)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on January 29, 2010 tagged biographycomic strips

Life in the Ocean The Story of Oceanographer Sylvia Earle by Claire A. Nivola (2012)
    Reviewed by sarahhunt on September 14, 2012 tagged biographyscience

Life of the Party: The Remarkable Story of How Brownie Wise Built, and Lost, a Tupperware Party Empire by Bob Kealing (2016)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on November 4, 2016 tagged biographyhistory

A List of Things That Didn't Kill Me by Jason Schmidt (2015)
    Reviewed by dawnrutherford on October 2, 2015 tagged biographycoming of age

Little Nothings 3 Uneasy Happiness by Lewis Trondheim (2010)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on April 16, 2010 tagged biographycomic strips

Little White Duck A Childhood in China by Na Liu, Andres Vera Martinez (2012)
    Reviewed by snow on July 27, 2012 tagged biographygraphic novelnonfiction

The Longest Way Home One Man’s Quest for the Courage to Settle Down by Andrew McCarthy (2012)
    Reviewed by sharonlevin on February 8, 2013 tagged biographynonfiction
    After life as a teen idol, Andrew McCarthy avoids settling down by becoming a globe-trotting travel writer.

Lost Childhood My Life in a Japanese Prison Camp During World War II by Annelex Hofstra Layson (2008)
    Reviewed by sarahhunt on June 24, 2011 tagged biographyhistory

The Lovely Horrible Stuff by Eddie Campbell (2012)
    Reviewed by emilyreads on January 17, 2014 tagged biographygraphic novelnonfiction
    Eddie Campbell meditates on his personal finances and the huge stone currency once used on Yap.

I Love You, And I'm Leaving You Anyway by Tracy McMillan (2010)
    Reviewed by billba on April 16, 2010 tagged biographyhumorromance

The Madwoman in the Volvo My Year of Raging Hormones by Sandra Tsing Loh (2014)
    Reviewed by darcy on October 17, 2014 tagged biography
    One woman’s roller coaster year going through menopause.

Malala: A Brave Girl From Pakistan  | Iqbal: A Brave Boy from Pakistan Two Stories of Bravery by Jeanette Winter (2014)
    Reviewed by craigseasholes on February 20, 2015 tagged biographypicture book

Maman's Homesick Pie A Persian Heart in an American Kitchen by Donia Bijan (2011)
    Reviewed by silver on January 6, 2012 tagged biography
    Donia tells the story of her life in Iran, and of her mother’s kitchen, around the time of the Islamic Revolution.

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