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Bird & Squirrel: On the Run! by James Burks (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on December 14, 2012 tagged graphic novelhumor

Knuckle & Potty Destroy Happy World by James Proimos (2012)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on July 13, 2012 tagged graphic novelhumor

Ninjasaur Volume One by Jason Horn (2012)
    Reviewed by snow on January 3, 2014 tagged fantasygraphic novelhumorscience fiction
    A ninja dinosaur fights science nerds, time travelling ghost mystics, and canned tomato monsters.

How to be Black by Baratunde Thurston (2012)
    Reviewed by billba on March 23, 2012 tagged biographyhumor

Darth Vader and son by Jeffrey Brown (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on October 12, 2012 tagged comic stripshumorscience fiction

Dungeon Quest Book Three by Joe Daly (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on October 12, 2012 tagged fantasygraphic novelhumor

I Suck at Girls by Justin Halpern (2012)
    Reviewed by silver on September 28, 2012 tagged coming of agehumor

a is for musk ox by erin cabatingan, matthew myers (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on April 26, 2013 tagged humorpicture book
    Musk Ox rewrites an alphabet book so that it’s less boring (now it's all about him). Zebra objects repeatedly.

Barrel of Monkeys by Florent Ruppert, Jérôme Mulot (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on April 26, 2013 tagged graphic novelhumor
     Two photographers on a lewd, crude, off-colored romp. Includes phenakistoscopes.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again by Frank Cottrell Boyce, Joe Berger (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on July 5, 2013 tagged chapter bookhumor

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny - Detectives Extraordinaire! by Polly Horvath (2012)
    Reviewed by billba on April 5, 2013 tagged audiobookchapter bookhumormystery
    A rabbit couple help a human girl retrieve her parents, who were kidnapped by foxes.

Frankenstein A Monstrous Parody by Ludworst Bemonster (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on April 12, 2013 tagged horrorhumorpicture book
    Twelve loveable monster kids misbehave, wet their beds, and scare people.

The Really Rotten Princess (Ready To Read Level Two) by Lady Cecily Snodgrass, Mike Lester (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on September 14, 2012 tagged fantasygraphic novelhumorpicture book

Chloe and the Lion by Mac Barnett, Adam Rex (2012)
    Reviewed by ang on April 12, 2013 tagged humorpicture book
    After his picture book goes wrong, the writer fires the artist and hires replacements. The results are disastrous.

Cat by B. Kliban (2012)
    Reviewed by billba on April 20, 2012 tagged comic stripshumor

Cow Boy a boy and his horse by Nate Cosby, Chris Eliopoulos (2012)
    Reviewed by snow on August 24, 2012 tagged graphic novelhumorwestern

Binky Takes Charge by Ashley Spires (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on March 21, 2014 tagged graphic novelhumorpicture book
    Binky trains the next generation of space cats and does his best to escape a pet hotel.

Potterwookiee (The Creature From My Closet) by Obert Skye (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on October 4, 2013 tagged chapter bookfantasyhumor

The Bad Apple (Merits of Mischief) by T.R. Burns (2012)
    Reviewed by gigi on September 27, 2013 tagged coming of agehumor

That Book About Harvard by Eric Kester (2012)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on August 10, 2012 tagged biographycoming of agehumor

The Dunderheads by Paul Fleischman, David Roberts (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on October 26, 2012 tagged humorpicture book

Monster Turkey by Lewis Trondheim (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on March 8, 2013 tagged fantasygraphic novelhumor

What in God's Name by Simon Rich (2012)
    Reviewed by emilyreads on May 31, 2013 tagged humorparanormal
    In 30 days God will destroy the world to open an Asian-fusion restaurant unless Angels can answer one prayer.

Open for Business! (Okie Dokie Donuts) by Chris Eliopoulos (2011)
    Reviewed by gigi on December 2, 2011 tagged graphic novelhumor

5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth (And Other Useful Guides) by The Oatmeal (2011)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on May 20, 2011 tagged comic stripshumor

F in Exams The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers by Richard Benson (2011)
    Reviewed by sharonlevin on June 17, 2011 tagged humorliterarynonfiction

Dude Fun with Dude and Betty by Lisa Pliscou, Tom Dunne (2011)
    Reviewed by sharonlevin on July 1, 2011 tagged humor

Domestic Violets by Matthew Norman (2011)
    Reviewed by billba on August 5, 2011 tagged humorliterary

Worst Ideas Ever A Celebration of Embarrassment by Daniel B. Kline, Jason Tomaszewski (2011)
    Reviewed by billba on August 12, 2011 tagged humornonfiction

The Great Eggscape by Susan Glass, Cornelius Van Wright (2011)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on November 4, 2011 tagged humorpicture book

The Accidental Genius of Weasel High by Rick Detorie (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on September 9, 2011 tagged coming of agehumor

My Heart is a Hate-Filled Pineapple (Hijinks Ensue Volume 2) by Joel Watson (2011)
    Reviewed by billba on September 30, 2011 tagged comic stripshumor

Bossypants by Tina Fey (2011)
    Reviewed by dawnrutherford on October 7, 2011 tagged biographyhumornonfiction

Deliriously Happy by Larry Doyle (2011)
    Reviewed by billba on October 21, 2011 tagged essayshumor
    Hilarious and sometimes uncomfortable short stories about relationships.

Lightning Rods by Helen DeWitt (2011)
    Reviewed by billba on October 28, 2011 tagged humorliterary

My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me And Other Stories I Shouldn't Share with Acquaintances, Coworkers, Taxi drivers, Assistants, Job Interviewers, ... and Ex/Current/Future Boyfriends but Have by Hilary Winston (2011)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by billba on November 25, 2011 tagged biographyhumornonfiction

Spinster Goose Twisted Rhymes for Naughty Children by Lisa Wheeler, Sophie Blackall (2011)
    Reviewed by billba on November 11, 2011 tagged classichumorpicture book

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray (2011)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by dawnrutherford on December 2, 2011 tagged coming of agehumorthriller

The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson (2011)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on December 16, 2011 tagged coming of agehumorliterary

Sleepwalk with Me and Other Painfully True Stories by Mike Birbiglia (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on December 9, 2011 tagged biographyessayshumor

Willie & Joe Back Home by Bill Mauldin, Todd DePastino (2011)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on December 30, 2011 tagged comic stripshistoryhumor

The Downside of Being Up by Alan Lawrence Sitomer (2011)
    Reviewed by snow on January 6, 2012 tagged coming of agehumorromance
    Bobby pops boners at the worst times. After scaring his math teacher, he is sent to correctional erectional therapy.

What I Hate From A to Z by Roz Chast (2011)
    Reviewed by dawnrutherford on January 13, 2012 tagged humorpicture book

A Bad Kitty Christmas by Nick Bruel (2011)
    Reviewed by gigi on January 13, 2012 tagged humorpicture book

I Am Maru by mugumogu (2011)
    Reviewed by sarahhunt on March 2, 2012 tagged biographycoffee table bookhumor

That Is All by John Hodgman (2011)
    Reviewed by sarahhunt on March 9, 2012 tagged humorliterary

Benjamin Bear in Fuzzy Thinking by Philippe Coudray (2011)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on March 16, 2012 tagged comic stripshumorpicture book

The Annotated Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, Jules Feiffer, Leonard S. Marcus (2011)
    Reviewed by sharonlevin on March 23, 2012 tagged fantasyhumornonfiction

The Anime Club by KC Green (2011)
    Reviewed by sarahhunt on March 30, 2012 tagged coming of agegraphic novelhumor

Troop 142 A Graphic Novel by Mike Dawson (2011)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on March 30, 2012 tagged coming of agehumor

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