Free Unshelved Ebooks for Libraries

Thanks to the generosity of our Kickstarter backers, Unshelved is allowing libraries to circulate DRM-free ebooks of its first eleven collections to their patrons absolutely free.

We've offered to make these books available for circulation by all library ebook vendors.

The first vendor who has taken us up on this is Mackin. Go Mackin! Information on how to access the ebooks can be found on this page. Anyone with questions about how to access the ebooks can contact Mackin directly at or 800-245-9540.

We'll update this page as others take us up on this offer. If your ebooks vendor isn't listed here, please let them know you'd like them to carry the Unshelved ebooks (they can contact Gene for more information). That may be the push they need!

Meanwhile you are also welcome to circulate our ebooks to your patrons directly. Read the following license, then sign up below and we'll send you download instructions.

License agreement as of March 4, 2015

Types of Libraries

Public, school, and university libraries may participate in this program. Military libraries, including libraries on military bases, may also participate. If your library does not meet this description, please contact us. We’ll try to make it work for you.


To take advantage of this offer, at least one employee from each library or library system wishing to circulate our ebooks must sign up below, using a work email address. That person will serve as a contact in case we update this license or the ebook files.


We will provide links to the ebook files meant for this program. They are clearly marked as such in the copyright page.

Libraries may only circulate these specific ebook files. They may not be altered or transformed in any way. Libraries may not circulate ebooks received or purchased via other methods (like our Kickstarter).

If we update the ebook files with new versions and/or formats, we will attempt to contact your library via the email address provided. However your library may choose to continue to circulate previous versions of the files we provided.

Circulation Limits

There is no limit on the total number of circulations or number of simultaneous circulations for these ebooks. Check them out to as many people as you can.


Please download the ebook files using the links provided. The links themselves will expire quickly. Your library and/or its ebook service provider(s) must host the ebook files you circulate. You may not use the download links we provide below to make the ebooks available to your patrons.

How Libraries May Circulate Our Ebooks

Please note that the information below is likely to be updated as we get questions.

We prefer that libraries make our ebooks available to only registered library users via normal checkout methods. If this is possible, please do it this way.

We realize that many libraries don't have the ability to do this. You may also:
- Place a link to each ebook’s file(s) within your library’s OPAC, within the record for that book.
- Load our ebooks onto your library's ereaders or other electronic devices for direct access by patrons.
- Load our ebooks onto patrons’ ereaders.
- Load our ebooks onto staff ereaders and other devices as part of staff training at your library system.
- Load the ebook files as local content into any ebook circulation system you're using, commercial or otherwise, as long as this doesn’t make the ebooks available to folks who are not registered users of your library. (In this case, the files can be hosted by whatever entity hosts your ebook files.)

You may not:
- Distribute our ebooks via a simple link from your website.
- Charge end users for circulating our ebooks.
- Email our ebooks to your patrons, unless this is a way you normally circulate ebooks.
- Post our ebooks or links to our ebooks to your staff intranet.
- Upload our ebooks to a site the makes them available to people who are not registered patrons of your library.
- Modify our ebooks in any way.

If you want to do something else with our ebooks, or have another idea about how to circulate them, ask first. We’re easy.

And tell us if some part of this doesn’t make sense (or, even better, if you love it).


To get started, please signup here using your library email address. We will approve each submission based on your email address and send you files manually. If you don't use a library, government, or school email address, you will be deleted from the list automatically. It may be a few days before you hear from us.