We are excited to announce the new Unshelved collection! Bibliovores begins where Too Much Information left off, with the birth of Dewey's adorable daughter, Trillian. It also features:

  • The on-the-job education of Mallville Public Library's newest employee, Dyna the clerk
  • Dewey explaining plagiarism to an unrepentant Merv
  • The mystery patron who won't leave the bathroom
  • Dewey's NDA review copy of a hot new YA novel by his favorite author
  • Library Day Camp
  • Staff self-assessments
  • ... and much more!

In addition to daily comic strips from our site, Bibliovores features Dewey's Secret Origin, Conference Tips, and the 12 page classic comic epic What Would Dewey Do @ BEA?

It's the same compact size as TMI and Large Print, but this time around we have six months worth of color strips. Don't worry, we kept the same price - $11.95 (just $10 if you order it with one or more t-shirts and even less if you buy it as part of a book bundle).

ISBN 978-1-937914-04-2, distributed by Ingram Publisher Services

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Medium Paperback OUT OF STOCK

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