These days information is easy to come by - too easy, perhaps. In the newest Unshelved collection our stalwart staff of library workers help Mallville's citizens make sense of it all, while dealing with their increasingly worrisome budget problems. Meanwhile Dewey's girlfriend Cathy has a big surprise for him, and his life will never be the same again!

Contains eighteen months worth of daily Unshelved strips in a handy-sized volume, plus strips never published on the web, author commentary and an introduction by Jennifer Holm, author of the Babymouse and Squish graphic novel series, the historical novels Turtle in Paradise, Penny from Heaven, the May Amelia books, and the Boston Jane series.

Available in two editions:

Standard Edition

Just the regular book, as printed. Good stuff. Just $10 when you buy any shirt.

Much Too Much Information Edition

The back cover shown above was not our first choice. No, our first choice was much more crass, and it made us both laugh out loud, especially juxtaposed with Jenni Holm's blurb. Cooler heads prevailed, but you can choose this special limited edition, with the original back cover restored to its full glory via the use of full-color sticker technology. Only 200 are available.

ISBN 978-1-937914-00-4

Save money by buying any of the above editions as part of a bundle with our other books.

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Medium Paperback $11.95 - $29.95

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