This hefty stack of books contains ten volumes of Unshelved for one low price. You get Unshelved, What Would Dewey Do, Library Mascot Cage Match, Book Club, Frequently Asked Questions, Reader's Advisory, Large Print, Too Much Information, Bibliovores, and Reads Well With Others, containing:

  • Over 4000 black-and-white and color daily and Unshelved Book Club strips
  • Empire County Strikes Back, a full-color full-length Unshelved comic book
  • What Would Dewey Do @ BEA, a black-and-white half-length Unshelved comic book
  • Dewey's Secret Origin
  • How we make Unshelved
  • Unshelved Conference Tips
  • Gene Ambaum, cartoonist
  • Forewords by Nancy Pearl, Terry Moore, Jennifer Holm, Dave Kellett, David Malki, and Paul Southworth

Ten books is a lot to carry, so we're giving you the option to add one of our awesome shopping bags or messenger bags for a substantial discount.

Each bundle comes in multiple versions. While supplies last you can select a Standard or Much Too Much Information edition of Too Much Information (full information available here).

Also want Bill's book Runtime Error and Gene's book Poopy Claws? Choose the Ultimate Bill & Gene bundle.

While supplies last, we're giving out a free set of bookmarks featuring five classic Unshelved strips with every bundle.

Sadly Read Responsibly is now firmly out of print, with no plans for reprinting. Used copies in good condition are often available from Amazon and other booksellers.

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