A Library Ranger is anyone who loves libraries and helps support their mission, from librarians, pages, and clerks to teachers, students, and patrons. And now there's a fun way to celebrate the diverse skills that these good people exhibit on a daily basis: high-quality embroidered badges, designed by Bill & Gene, the Unshelved guys.

Wearing a Library Ranger badge tells the world that you are dedicated to executing your responsibilities, that you have completed your training with honors, that you performed service above and beyond the call of duty, or that you somehow managed to endure a truly epic level of nonsense. They are perfect for dazzling your friends, impressing your coworkers, or starting a conversation at a library conference. Give them to your employees, board members, supporters, volunteers, students, or yourself! Read how the Chevy Chase Neighborhood Library in Washington, DC turned the badges into a Staff Development Program!

Thanks to the generosity of over 600 backers, our Library Ranger Badges Kickstarter was a huge success, so much so that we were able to print a limited number of extra badges.

The badges are 1 1/4" high quality fully embroidered with iron-on backing, and come in themed packs of six, with a great deal on all four packs. While supplies last each badge pack comes with a Library Rangers membership card. Please note that the badge packs are assorted differently here than in the Kickstarter.

We are now selling individual badges while supplies last. Certain badges are in extremely limited supply and can only be purchased as part of a pack. We can offer customized assortments for orders of 3 or more 4-packs (i.e. 72 badges or more). Email us for details.

The logo badges are 2"x3" high-quality fully embroidered with iron-on backing, and are sold individually or in sets of three.

You may also enjoy Library Ranger hats, shirts, and neckerchiefs. Free badge posters and desktop backgrounds can be found here.

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Badge Pack $7.00 - $40.00
Badge $3.00

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