Unshelved comic strip for 2/17/2005

Design Warriors

From the copy on MSN/Infiniti's "Edge of Innovation" site. Click on the "Infiniti" tab on the left and read about the difficulty of getting into the head of the Infiniti driver:

To fully understand this driver, the designers actually tried to live in the same fashion, immersing themselves in a world of contemporary luxury. They stayed in a five-star hotel, took a luxury cruise, seeking experiences that would appearl to individuals who don't compromise when it comes to excellence."

I'm certainly glad I don't have that kind of job. The things those designers had to put up with - they're modern day heroes, I tell you.

Parting Words

On our email delivery page we have a space for comments. It's a nice way to find out how people are finding our site or, for those departing, why. Most unsubscribers either leave it blank or say something fairly neutral about not having the time to keep up (or moving to our RSS feed). But once in a while you get a real doozy. Here are some gems:

  • nuisance and clutters up my email
  • Really not enjoying the gratuitous Lucas bash. Please discontinue.
  • Please stop e-mailing the comics to me.
  • [if I can't say anything nice, I just don't say anything at all]
  • its just not funny to me

Ah well, honesty is the best policy.

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