Gene at ALA

Originally I was planning on attending the ALA Midwinter conference next week by myself. It's a smaller show than the summer version, and while it's nice to have help, I can work the booth myself. Except right now my back doesn't let me stand up for more than an hour at a time, and sitting is even more limited. I have spent much of the last week panicking about what to do about that.

Gene to the rescue. Even though he was scheduled to work that weekend, he managed to get the necessary time off, and will be joining me Saturday and Sunday. I'll feel a little silly if my back is all better, but it's better to play it safe. And so those of you lucky enough to be in San Antonio will be lucky enough to be able to see both of us. Or unlucky enough, depending on your point of view.

Oh hey, the first Unshelved Conference Tip is up on the Midwinter site. There will be an additional one in each daily CogNotes newspaper. Make sure to pick it up!

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