SxSW 2006: Monday

I arrived late and sat in on the Does Your Blog have a Business panel. Mine does, thanks. One of the panelists started Clip-n-Seal, which I'd never heard of but which is too cool. Go buy a billion - good products deserve to succeed. Dave and I had lunch with Eyder Peralta, the very interesting Pop Culture reporter for the Houston Chronicle. He later wrote this blog posting which somewhat exaggerates how popular Gene and I are at library conferences.

We returned to watch the Craig Newmark/Jimmy Wales interview, which was mostly notable for how decorously both Craig and Jimmy handle their fame and their respective responsibilities. Afterwards everyone milled around for a while. Amanda Congdon is even more attractive in person.

The highlight of the conference, of course, was our panel. Which you'd think I had more to say about. We basically core-dumped almost everything we know. I was your basic smart-ass, and Dave, John, Kevin, and especially Nicole were awfully good to put up with me. I thought the chemistry was great - we all do very different things, and John was about the best choice as "token blogger" that I could imagine. Dave and I handed out books to everyone who asked a question (more people picked mine =ahem=), handed out by our lovely assistant Brittanie. Note to self: need more lovely assistants.

Afterwards I ate a couple of profoundly hot tacos, talked to more conference-goers, and retired back to the Hilton for more back-resting.

South by Southwest Interactive is a neat thing, and Austin is a cool town. I think I'll have to come back. I'm already planning what panels I can put together.

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