SxSW 2006: Sunday

I started off at a panel on Important Startup Decisions, mostly because it featured Joel Spolksy, one of the best writers on software development, or indeed on any subject, on the Internet today. Joel worked for me very briefly a million years ago at Microsoft, and we caught up a little after the panel, where we traded books. I then sat in on the end of Tagging 2.0 with Dave. I'm hoping to add tagging to Unshelved strips after the initial port to Rails is complete.

Dave and I gathered with our fellow panelists Kevin, John, and Nicole to make sure we were all on the same page, then we watched the Kottke/Armstrong Conversation together. Heather was terribly charming, but I fear Kottke came across as a trifle unsympathetic, perhaps because most of the bloggers in that room wouldn't consider being anything but ecstatic over earning $45,000 in advance donations for a year's worth of blogging.

At this point it was time for me to return to the Hilton to lie down and rest the old back. I read Joel's book cover-to-cover (I'd already read many of the individual articles at his site) and then Dave and I had dinner and plotted to destroy the earth and all its inhabitants. A good day.

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