Gene Ambaum, Cartoonist

This year I realized that my core problem, when drawing my annual Bill's birthday strip, is that I can't remember how to draw Dewey. It's usually trial-and-error, but this time I worked out a system.

1. Drew noses and eyes for a moment.
1.5 Filled with overconfidence, I rushed it. Went for drawing Dewey too early (and too small). Then somehow drew Dewey in a Toad hat. Had nothing to do with watching my daughter play New Mario Bros. while I was drawing.
2. Mouth with teeth to old guy with nostrils. Too detailed = too creepy.
3. A few more noses leads to a less detailed version of that guy. Looks like Bill without both hairpieces, as I fear him.
4. I'm going to see Terry Gilliam's new movie, so I've been thinking about The Adventures of Baron Munchausen again. The moon people are on my mind.
5. I went to high school with this guy, but his hair won't work on Dewey.
6. The Hills Have Eyes, but this guy has no mouth. Dewey will need a mouth.
7. Thought occurred to me, but larger eyebrows and a rooster's cockle no help if added to 5.
8. Why I don't grow out and gel my thinning hair, and why Dewey shouldn't, either.
8.5. (Distracted by a Dog the Bounty Hunter episode, but tried to keep drawing.)
9. Attempt to draw Dewey with dark, wet hair. No.
10. Glanced at the cover of Ordinary Victories, but I'm no Manu Larcenet.
11. Looked at Took my best stab at drawing Dewey. Ready to move to actual drawing.

This year I drew in Skitch (which I love for the line smoothing, but crashed whenever I tried to fill any space on this picture except the bathwater) and did the lettering / layout in Comic Life Magic. So, thanks Plasq!

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