A Game of A Game of Thrones

There are few books I've been looking forward to as much (or as long) as George R.R. Martin's A Dance With Dragons, the latest in the Song of Fire and Ice series that began with A Game of Thrones, now an HBO series. To commemorate the books's imminent release, our friends at Random House Library Services have generously agreed to do a fun little contest with us. (Warning: This blog post contains a plot spoiler from the first book.)

Just tweet your answer to the question What is the most unexpected plot development in George R.R. Martin's A Dance With Dragons? with the hashtag #adwdcontest. For example:

Eddard Stark comes back from dead as most honorable zombie ever. #adwdcontest

The funniest ten entries (as judged by Gene and myself) win a copy of A Dance With Dragons, and the very funniest one of all also wins a boxed set of the first four books! To qualify your entry must be tweeted no later than Friday, June 17. You may tweet as often as you want, but can't win more than once. The winning entries will be posted to our blog, and Random House will send the winning books out on or before the book's release day, July 12.

(If you haven't read all six trillion pages of the first four books, you might want to avoid looking at the entries on Twitter, as many will doubtless include spoilers)

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