Winner of a Game of A Game of Thrones

Our A Game of A Game of Thrones a.k.a. #ADWDcontest went wonderfully viral and resulted in a metric ton of tweets, which I gamely waded through. They ranged from geekily-overly-specific to political to pop-cultural to huh?, and I loved them all. But there can be only ten, so here they are:

The following nine tweets, in no particular order, win a free copy of George R.R. Martin's A Dance With Dragons. SPOILERS ALERT!

What is the most unexpected plot development in George R.R. Martin's A Dance With Dragons?

  • @Sitouh And all of Westeros lived happily ever after! [link]
  • @jccohen Arya Stark becomes masked vigilante "Sorro", signs all swordfights with trademark 3 slash S. [link]
  • @flipside3 The peasants of Westros round up every character in the book and hang them for making their lives miserable. [link]
  • @ToxicNed Greatest Wild Cards crossover event ever! [link]
  • @jaybushman Jon actually has no mother -- it was the midichlorians. [link]
  • @turnageb After crossing the Narrow Sea, Daenerys calls a constitutional convention to form a democratic government in Westeros. [link]
  • @_susaramsch Lady Sarah as aspirant for Hand. Claims to be suitably firm in foreign policy cause she can see Essos from her house in Dorne. [link]
  • @mandalbrot Turns out Rhaegar was hiding behind the couch the WHOLE time! [link]
  • @bookshoff Littlefinger says to Jon: "I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids and your blasted direwolf! [link]

And the grand prize winner, winning a copy of A Dance With Dragons plus a boxed set of the first four books, is:

Thanks to everyone who participated. I will tweet instructions to the winners as to how they can claim their prizes!

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