Adding Unshelved strips to your web site

Daily syndication of Unshelved is available for free to any noncommercial web site. Simply include the following HTML code on your page and the current daily strip will be displayed:

<a href=""><img src="" width="100%" height="100%" border="0"></a>

(to make it smaller, change the "width" and "height" percentages)

Please contact us for permission if you want to post our strips in any other way, including but not limited to posting a single strip in your blog.

If you wish to include Unshelved on your commercial web site, contact us for a rate schedule.

Printing and posting Unshelved strips in your library, bookstore, or school

If you:

  • work in a library, bookstore, or school and
  • want to post Unshelved book club comic strips there to promote reading
  • then we think you’re pretty awesome.

Go for it. Just don’t alter the strips by cropping them or removing our credits or URL.

And if you send us a picture of how you use our comics, we might post in our blog to let everyone know about the cool stuff you’re up to.

Featuring Unshelved strips in your newsletter

If your publication:

  • is published by
    • a school or library or
    • a nonprofit organization associated with a school or library, or
    • a bookstore (for-profit or nonprofit), and
  • is free, and
  • has a circulation under 500 per issue

then you can include up to one comic strip per issue, up to twelve strips a year, for free. You must not modify the strips in any way without our permission. The image must include the Unshelved logo, writing credits, URL, and copyright information. You should note it was used with permission.

Since the strips you see on the web are pretty low-resolution, feel free to contact us for higher-resolution images suitable for printing.

We love to see our strips used in this way. If possible please email us a PDF of your newsletter the first time you do it.

If you don't qualify for the above terms, contact us. Be as specific as possible about how you want to use our comics.

Featuring Unshelved strips in your book

We carefully review all such requests before granting permission to reprint our comic strips in books.

We charge a licensing fee starting at $300 for nonexclusive reprint rights to a single Unshelved comic strip in a single edition of a monograph with a print run of under 25,000 copies. This includes nonprofit and for-profit publishers, and underpaid and overpaid authors.

Posters, Presentations, Handouts, News/Magazine Articles, Essays, etc.

We love it when you tell other people about our strip! Really. But please contact us for permission for any uses other than those specifically outlined above. Let us know all the specifics -- what you’re going to do with the strips, which specific strips you would like to use, and if you’re going to make any money by using our work. We’re easy. We just don’t like being surprised.

Unshelved promotional materials and merchandise

Contact us for information about using our characters, books, and merchandise to help raise money for (and awareness of) libraries and literacy programs.

The Bottom Line

Our characters are copyrighted, please do not use their likenesses in any way except as part a strip reproduced in its entirety according to the above guidelines. Please contact us for exceptions.

Please keep in mind that we make a living producing Unshelved, and reproduction of strips and the likenesses of the characters are the chief way we hope to do so. Please exercise common sense, err on the side of caution, and (if we haven't made this abundantly clear) contact us if you have any questions.


Bill and Gene

How To Contact Us

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