The Alloy of Law A Mistborn Novel by Brandon Sanderson

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Waxillium Landrian was one of the most famous lawman in the Roughs. But after a tragic gunfight he returned to Elendel City to take up his duties as High Lord of the House Landrian.

Mysterious thieves have been stealing metals with the help of a ghostly train, as well as robbing upper-class gatherings in the city. Wax does his best to stay clear of trouble and stay on the path to an upper-class marriage in order to save House Landrian from bankruptcy. Then his fiancée is taken hostage during a robbery, and he and his friend from the Roughs, Miles, set out to get her back.

Why I picked it up: It’s a steampunk western set in the world of the Mistborn fantasy series. I couldn’t resist.

Why I finished it: Magic western gunfights! The world of the Mistborn books has a unique system of magic, where natural born allomancers and ferochemists use metals to give them specific abilities. Wax has two -- he can push and push against metals from a distance and alter his weight -- and he uses them to deflect bullets, make his shots more lethal, and even fly.

Miles is incredibly entertaining. Lacking social grace and possessed by a unique vision of the world, he steals his way around the city in pursuit of the Vanishers, using talents for disguise and accents to help (and to provide laughs).

I'd give it to: Dave, who read Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker when we traveled to Iceland a few years ago. He doesn’t usually read fantasy, but the guns and fight scenes will keep him interested.

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