Unshelved Book Club reviews

Book reviews run once a week, usually Friday.

Books are reviewed by our book reviewers. They’re people we like to talk to about books with: friends, family members, and a few people I met at a saddle fitting.

We review books we like enough to recommend, mostly books from the last few years. We get free copies of books from some publishers, but we also buy books and haunt libraries, too.

Reviewers are never required to review a specific book.

We want to help others find good books. For your safety it will be clear if a book is full of four-letter words, naked sweaty bodies, balding 40-year-old men, or all three.

Brilliant comments and observations in our book reviews are the result of the hard work and patience of our reviewers. Grammatical errors and other details you want to complain about are entirely my fault.

Unshelved Book Club comics

Fridays our comic strip is usually a book talk featuring a book that Bill or I (or, more rarely, both of us) loved. Sometimes these are contributed by a guest cartoonist featuring a book they pick.

Libraries, bookstores, and schools are welcome to print and post Unshelved Book Club comic strips to promote the books or reading in general. If you want to do something else with them, please ask first. We’re easy.

Want to suggest a book you love?

Send me an email. Tell me what you liked about it and why I should give it a chance. Treat me a like a guy in your library or bookstore who is looking for a good read.

But please don’t send me a review. We do not accept unsolicited book reviews. Please don’t send them in, they will be returned to you unread. If you’re interested in reviewing for us, send us an email telling us who you are and what you like to read. We may contact you later, when we need new reviewers.

Send us your Books!

Publishers, publicists, authors, and rabid fans can send review copies to:

Unshelved Book Club
2311 N 45th Street #333
Seattle, WA 98103

We don’t guarantee to review any books sent to us. We cannot return review copies.

Unshelved does not publish book reviews, book talks, or comics in exchange for money or any kind of barter. Publishers and authors do sponsor Unshelved, and we are careful to make those business transactions separate and transparent.

- Gene Ambaum (May, 2010)