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1000 Opas and a Dead Body (Skullkickers Volume 1) by Jim Zub, Edwin Huang, Misty Coats (2011)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on January 6, 2012 tagged fantasygraphic novel
    Two mercenaries, a hard-drinking, axe-wielding dwarf and a big guy with a pistol, try to earn enough money to get by.

The 13-Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths, Terry Denton (2013)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on November 22, 2013 tagged biographychapter bookfantasyhumor
    If Andy and Terry don’t finish the book they promised their publisher, they’ll have to leave their awesome treehouse.

The Abominables by Eva Ibbotson (2013)
    Reviewed by snow on May 30, 2014 tagged coming of agefantasy
    The Yeti family leaves Tibet for England to find sanctuary, but a hunting club sets its sights on them.

Adventure Time Volume 1 by Ryan North, Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb, Mike Holmes, Stephanie Gonzaga (2013)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on September 6, 2013 tagged fantasygraphic novelhumor

After Alice by Gregory Maguire (2015)
    Reviewed by wally on April 8, 2016 tagged classicfantasy

Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on July 8, 2011 tagged coming of agefantasy

Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce (2005)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on October 29, 2006 tagged coming of agefantasy

Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson (2008)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on December 2, 2007 tagged coming of agefantasy

The Alchemyst The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott (2008)
    Reviewed by moonshadow on February 5, 2010 tagged fantasy

Alice's Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Jim Dale (2008)
    Reviewed by rosie on May 7, 2010 tagged classicfantasyliterary

Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson (2013)
    Reviewed by wally on August 23, 2013 tagged fantasyliterary

The Alloy of Law A Mistborn Novel by Brandon Sanderson (2011)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on November 30, 2011 tagged fantasywestern

Americus by MK Reed, Jonathan Hill (2011)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on January 6, 2012 tagged coming of agefantasygraphic novel
    Neal and Danny love the Apathea Ravenchild books, but Danny’s mom think they’re evil and tries to get them banned.

Among Others by Jo Walton (2011)
    Reviewed by billba on June 8, 2012 tagged coming of agefantasyhistorical fiction

Animal Rights Beasts of Burden Volume 1 by Evan Dorkin, Jill Thompson (2010)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on January 21, 2011 tagged fantasygraphic novel

The Annotated Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, Jules Feiffer, Leonard S. Marcus (2011)
    Reviewed by sharonlevin on March 23, 2012 tagged fantasyhumornonfiction

Aria Volume 1 by Kozue Amano (2008)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on February 5, 2010 tagged fantasygraphic novelscience fiction

The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke (2012)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on February 1, 2013 tagged fantasy
    An assassin is sent to kill Ananna after she balks at marriage. She saves his life and he is cursed to protect her.

Baba Yaga's Assistant by Marika McCoola, Emily Carroll (2015)
    Reviewed by craigseasholes on April 15, 2016 tagged fantasygraphic novel

Backward Compatible A Geek Love Story by Sarah Daltry, Pete Clark (2013)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on April 4, 2014 tagged fantasyromancescience fiction
    George and Katie’s geeky romance starts at a midnight video game release party.

Bayou Magic by Jewell Parker Rhodes (2015)
    Reviewed by craigseasholes on August 14, 2015 tagged chapter bookcomic stripsfantasy

Beauty by Hubert, Kerascoët (2014)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on February 27, 2015 tagged fantasygraphic novel

Bera The One-Headed Troll by Eric Orchard (2016)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on July 29, 2016 tagged fantasygraphic novel

Berona's War Volume 1: Field Guide by Anthony Coffey, Jesse Labbé (2010)
    Reviewed by snow on October 14, 2011 tagged fantasygraphic novel

Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie (2009)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on January 22, 2010 tagged fantasythriller

Bigger Than a Bread Box by Laurel Snyder (2011)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by billba on February 3, 2012 tagged chapter bookfantasy

The Black Axe (Mouse Guard) by David Petersen (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on December 13, 2013 tagged fantasygraphic novel
    The story of the Black Axe, protector of mouse civilization, named for the weapon he wields.

Blackbringer (Dreamdark) by Laini Taylor (2009)
    Reviewed by sharonlevin on March 26, 2010 tagged fantasy

The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie (2007)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on January 27, 2008 tagged fantasy

Blood Song (Raven's Shadow Book 1) by Anthony Ryan (2013)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on April 18, 2014 tagged coming of agefantasy
    After his mother’s death, Vaelin’s father gives him to the Sixth Order to make him into a weapon of the Faith.

The Blue Shoe A Tale of Thievery, Villainy, Sorcery, and Shoes by Roderick Townley, Mary GrandPre (2009)
    Reviewed by theo on April 22, 2011 tagged fantasy

The Book of Three (Prydain Chronicles) by Lloyd Alexander (1978)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by guest on April 1, 2011 tagged chapter bookclassiccoming of agefantasy

Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu, Kirby Heyborne (2012)
    Reviewed by snow on January 11, 2013 tagged audiobookfantasy

The Breaking of the Seal (Code Name: Hunter Volume 0) by Darc Sowers, Matt Sowers (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on December 21, 2012 tagged fantasygraphic novel

Broxo by Zack Giallongo (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on January 18, 2013 tagged fantasygraphic novel

The Calling (The Elsewhere Chronicles Book Four) by Nykko, Bannister (2010)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on July 30, 2010 tagged fantasygraphic novel

The Captive Prince (Three Thieves Book Three) by Scott Chantler (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on August 16, 2013 tagged fantasygraphic novel

Castle Hangnail by Ursula Vernon (2015)
    Reviewed by snow on June 5, 2015 tagged chapter bookfantasy

Cat Paradise Volume 1 by Yuji Iwahara, Amy Forsyth (2009)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on February 4, 2011 tagged fantasyparanormal
    At a very exclusive private school, students learn to pair with their cats to defend the world from demons.

The Cats of Tanglewood Forest by Charles De Lint, Charles Vess (2013)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on October 12, 2012 tagged fantasy

Changing Moon (Nola's World #1) by Mathieu Mariolle, Minikim, Pop, Erica Olson Jeffrey, Carol Klio Burrell (2010)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on September 23, 2011 tagged fantasygraphic novelmystery

Chickenhare by Chris Grine (2013)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on September 20, 2013 tagged fantasygraphic novelmysteryparanormal

Cinderella (Les Petits Fairytales) by Trixie Bell, Melissa Caruso-Scott, Oliver Lake (2012)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on April 5, 2013 tagged board bookfantasy
    Fairy tales told alphabet-book style with only a word or two per fun, colorful page.

The Cloud Searchers Amulet Book Three by Kazu Kibuishi (2010)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on January 21, 2011 tagged fantasygraphic novel

The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett (2000)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on April 16, 2006 tagged fantasyhumor

A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner (2010)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on June 4, 2010 tagged fantasy

Coraline by Neil Gaiman (2003)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on August 28, 2005 tagged chapter bookcoming of agefantasy

Crap Kingdom by DC Pierson (2013)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on October 11, 2013 tagged coming of agefantasyhumor

Crewel by Gennifer Albin (2012)
    Reviewed by rose on September 27, 2013 tagged coming of agefantasy

Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge (2015)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on May 8, 2015 tagged coming of agefantasy

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