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The Outlaw Varjak Paw by S.F. Said, Dave McKean ()
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on January 7, 2007 tagged chapter bookmystery

Dogby Walks Alone by Wes Abbott ()
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on March 2, 2008 tagged graphic novelmystery

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire (2016)
    Reviewed by snow on April 22, 2016 tagged coming of agemysteryparanormal

The Stranger by Harlan Coben (2016)
    Reviewed by murphy'smom on October 28, 2016 tagged horrormystery

She's Not There by Joy Fielding (2016)
    Reviewed by murphy'smom on July 15, 2016 tagged mystery

Blood in the Soil: A True Tale of Racism, Sex, and Murder in the South by Carole Townsend (2016)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on April 29, 2016 tagged historymystery

Murder at the 42nd Street Library by Con Lehane (2016)
    Reviewed by diane on July 8, 2016 tagged mystery

The Long Shadow of Small Ghosts: Murder and Memory in an American City by Laura Tillman (2016)
    Reviewed by emilyreads on June 3, 2016 tagged mysterynonfiction

Endangered by Lamar Giles (2015)
    Reviewed by diane on April 22, 2016 tagged coming of agemystery

Charlie, Presumed Dead by Anne Heltzel (2015)
    Reviewed by diane on March 25, 2016 tagged mystery

The Rabbit Back Literature Society by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen, Lola M. Rogers (2015)
    Reviewed by wally on August 21, 2015 tagged literarymystery

Killer Instinct by S.E. Green (2015)
    Reviewed by diane on April 22, 2016 tagged coming of agemystery

The Girl in the Spider's Web by David Lagercrantz, Simon Vance (2015)
    Reviewed by dawnrutherford on November 20, 2015 tagged audiobookmysterythriller

Bad Machinery: The Case of the Lonely One by John Allison (2015)
    Reviewed by wally on September 16, 2016 tagged coming of agegraphic novelmystery

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby (2015)
    Reviewed by dawnrutherford on July 31, 2015 tagged coming of agemystery

The Bullet by Mary Louise Kelly (2015)
    Reviewed by emilyreads on July 24, 2015 tagged mystery

Run Like Crazy Run Like Hell by Jacques Tardi, Jean-Patrick Manchette, Doug Headline (2015)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on June 12, 2015 tagged graphic novelmystery

Catch You Later, Traitor by Avi (2015)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by billba on February 6, 2015 tagged coming of agehistorical fictionmystery

A Line of Blood by Ben McPherson (2015)
    Reviewed by emilyjones on September 2, 2016 tagged mystery

Razorhurst by Justine Larbalestier, Rebekkah Rimmington, Fiona Hardingham, Davis Ligudzinski (2015)
    Reviewed by diane on August 14, 2015 tagged audiobookcoming of agehistorical fictionmysteryparanormal

The Third Twin by C.J. Omololu (2015)
    Reviewed by darcy on July 31, 2015 tagged coming of agemystery

The Golden Age of Murder: The Mystery of the Writers Who Invented the Modern Detective Story by Martin Edwards (2015)
    Reviewed by robert on August 5, 2016 tagged mysterynonfiction

When by Victoria Laurie (2015)
    Reviewed by stacey on September 30, 2016 tagged coming of agemysteryparanormal

The Job True Tales from the Life of a New York City Cop by Steve Osborne (2015)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on February 13, 2015 tagged biographymystery

Benson's Cuckoos by Anouk Ricard, Helge Dascher (2014)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on October 24, 2014 tagged graphic novelhumormystery
    Richard tries to get a handle on his new job despite his insane officemates and a deepening mystery.

Tinseltown: Murder, Morphine, and Madness at the Dawn of Hollywood by William J. Mann, Christopher Lane (2014)
    Reviewed by sarahhunt on March 11, 2016 tagged audiobookhistorymystery

The Body in the Woods by April Henry (2014)
    Reviewed by danritchie on August 15, 2014 tagged coming of agemystery
    Three Search and Rescue cadets discover the body of a homeless girl, the third such killing in a month.

The Collector of Dying Breaths by M.J. Rose (2014)
    Reviewed by danritchie on August 22, 2014 tagged historical fictionmysteryparanormal
    An elixir that can reanimate the dead is at the heart of two intertwined stories that take place centuries apart.

The Twenty-Year Death: Malniveau Prison by Ariel S. Winter (2014)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on December 25, 2015 tagged historical fictionmystery

A Hitch at the Fairmont by Jim Averbeck (2014)
    Reviewed by danritchie on October 9, 2015 tagged coming of agehistorical fictionmystery

The Rules for Breaking by Ashley Elston (2014)
    Reviewed by danritchie on September 19, 2014 tagged coming of agemystery
    The only person who can protect Anna Boyd from the drug cartel that’s hunting her is one of its assassins.

File Under 13 Suspicious Incidents by Lemony Snicket, Seth (2014)
    Reviewed by robert on June 12, 2015 tagged mysteryshort stories

The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (2014)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by billba on July 11, 2014 tagged mystery
    Cormoran Strike isn’t in a good place to solve a high-profile murder case. Then his new temp changes his life.

The Sherlock Holmes Companion: An Elementary Guide by Daniel Smith (2014)
    Reviewed by robert on September 11, 2015 tagged classicmysteryreference

Oliver and the Seawigs (Not-So-Impossible Tales #1) by Philip Reeve, Sarah Mcintryre (2014)
    Reviewed by dawnrutherford on March 20, 2015 tagged chapter bookfantasymystery

See How Much You Love Me by Amber Hunt (2014)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on June 20, 2014 tagged coming of agemysterynonfiction
    Teen Tyler Hadley invited his friends to a party at his house. Then he killed his mother and father with a hammer.

The Taking by Kimberly Derting (2014)
    Reviewed by danritchie on April 24, 2015 tagged coming of agemysteryscience fiction

The Spy Catchers of Maple Hill by Megan Frazer Blakemore (2014)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on April 11, 2014 tagged chapter bookmystery
    Hazel invites the new kid at school to help her investigate a suspicious new gravedigger at her family’s cemetery.

She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick (2014)
    Reviewed by danritchie on April 11, 2014 tagged coming of agemystery
    Blind 16-year-old Laureth takes her 7-year-old brother from London to NY to find their father.

Kitty Genovese The Murder, the Bystanders, and the Crime that Changed America by Kevin Cook (2014)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on January 16, 2015 tagged historymystery

Marina A Gothic Tale by Carlos Ruiz Zafón (2014)
    Reviewed by wally on June 6, 2014 tagged coming of agemystery
    Two teens follow a woman through a cemetery into a mystery involving a doctor who made a fortune in prosthetics.

The Mammoth Book of the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes by Denis O. Smith (2014)
    Reviewed by robert on February 20, 2015 tagged anthologyhistorical fictionmystery

Fatale Deluxe Edition Volume One by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips (2014)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by billba on May 2, 2014 tagged graphic novelhorrormystery
    Jo is beautiful, irresistible to men. Seemingly immortal, she has been pursued by a violent cult since the 30’s.

The Devil Takes Half by Leta Serafim (2014)
    Reviewed by davidtomashek on January 9, 2015 tagged mystery

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart (2014)
    Reviewed by danritchie on June 20, 2014 tagged coming of agemystery
    One summer, Cady awakes on a beach half naked with no memory of how she got there.

Buzz Kill by Beth Fantaskey (2014)
    Reviewed by wally on May 22, 2015 tagged coming of agemystery

Get Carter by Ted Lewis, Mike Hodges (2014)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on January 23, 2015 tagged mystery

The Bishop's Wife by Mette Ivie Harrison (2014)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on December 12, 2014 tagged mystery
    The wife of a Mormon bishop investigates the disappearance of a young mother.

Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little (2014)
    Reviewed by emilyreads on November 28, 2014 tagged mystery
    Released from prison on a technicality, a starlet tries to discover who killed her mother.

The Headmaster's Wife by Thomas Christopher Greene (2014)
    Reviewed by darcy on December 26, 2014 tagged mystery
    Arthur Winthrop, headmaster of an esteemed boarding school, confesses to murdering a student after their affair.

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