Unshelved Card Catalog USB Drive
Unshelved comic strip for 7/6/2015


The times they are a changing.

We have a new website

I know - it looks like the old one. But underneath we are rocking a brand new codebase running on Ruby on Rails and Postgres, hosted on Heroku, and in the fullness of time we'll revamp the front-end too. When I have time to catch my breath I'll be blogging on my personal blog about my process and design decisions.

We have a new store

Many of you know Jana, who has been our awesome Store Manager for going on ten years. She has finally decided to move on to greener pastures (said pastures involve the serving of her favorite substance in the universe, beer).

Moment of silence. Tears.

We frankly couldn't bear the thought of replacing Jana in our hearts (and garages). So we have handed the logistical reins over to our friends at Topatoco. They are starting with some of our greatest hits, and we will add more designs this Fall. Same Unshelved goodies, new store, more frequent deliveries.

We have a new attitude

Actually, no, we're the same Unshelved guys as ever. We hope these changes will help us keep doing what we've been doing for many years to come!

Book Reviews

Unshelved Book Club

This week's Unshelved Book Club features books about an English family that moves to Corfu, a high school band with edgy lyrics, a talented football player who quits because his teammates bully another kid, a cupcake trying to plan its birthday party, a boy who finds out the truth about the heroic tales of WW II that his uncle tells, a war against alien invaders, a backwards party, and the murder of a book editor / publisher.

I Am Princess X

I am Princess X

We are sponsored this week by Scholastic, published of I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest, one of my favorite authors. I'll be honest - the description for this book makes it sound incredible. Click on over and check it out.

Book Reviews

Unshelved Book Club

This week's Unshelved Book Club features books about a boy facing nightmares on the loose, the ghost of Dorothy Parker, MMA fighting in zero gravity, a super sweet love story, a young boy with Asperger's who goes to a birthday party, and an amazingly weird novel about high school student whose death day is only a few weeks off.

Unshelved @ ALA

ALA 2015

ALA Annual starts tomorrow? WHAAAAT? Okay, I guess it's true. And Unshelved will be there in booth 217. Stop by early and pick up your free Be Informed badge ribbon while supplies last! Gene and Ang will also be selling selected Unshelved goodies such as:

  • our famous card catalog USB drive
  • Unshelved books signed by the author
  • bestselling t-shirts such as Without Rockets It's Just Science and Never Forget
  • a bargain bin full of discontinued items at everything-must-go prices. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Have fun in San Francisco!

This Unshelved strip

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