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Unshelved strip for 10/19/2014

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Unshelved Book Club

This week's Unshelved Book Club features books about plants, cowboys, menopause, an intern in Hell, celebrity diets, family ghosts, a dead beekeeper, and an art student turned waitress.

Heading South

My family's roadtrip is going great! We are currently touring through New England, where I'll be giving my Cartooning in the Digital Age public program in Bethlehem, NH, Lewiston, ME, and Medway, MA. Then I have several programs in Virginia. You can see my full schedule at our Talks & Appearances page.

We'll be in the Carolinas in late November, Georgia in early December, and Florida in late December and January. If you would like to hire me to teach cartooning in your library, drop me a line!

Penguin Random House Debut Authors

Penguin Random House Debut Authors Digital Sampler

Ah, debut authors - the promise of a unique voice that will dominate the reading lists of your patrons for years to come. This week's sponsor, Penguin Random House Library Marketing, has created a free digital sampler of eleven fresh new talents. Go see who they are, and download your own copy today!

Unshelved Goes Digital, Week Three

Unshelved Goes Digital, Week Three

Two weeks ago we honestly didn't know if our fans would want ebooks of our collections and/or adorable little USB drives shaped like card catalog drawers. Now we know you do! In the second week our Unshelved Goes Digital Kickstarter passed 700 backers and our fourth stretch goal. As a result we will make an eOmnibus of Unshelved Book Club strips, featuring over 400 book talks in comic strip form.

There are now less than two weeks left before our campaign ends. At this writing we are teetering on the edge of our next stretch goal, $30k, wherein we will release ebooks Read Responsibly and Frequently Asked Questions to libraries to circulate to their patrons absolutely free, making a total of six Unshelved ebooks we will be donating to libraries. This is especially exciting because Read Responsibly is currently out of print, and thus unavailable to libraries who didn't order it the first time around.

Next up is my personal favorite stretch goal. At $35k Gene and I will record authors commentary for our first five collections. Anyone who knows us will tell you that when Gene and I get together we bicker like an old married couple. It's not a schtick. We really disagree about almost everything. The fact that our points of view and senses of humor are so different is the special sauce behind Unshelved, and, while it makes collaborating a little painful at times, we're told it's pretty funny to watch. So our plan is to read through our collections together, one page at a time, talking about our strips. You can expect us to forget that we ever wrote some of them, disagree about who wrote the funniest lines, worry out loud that our best work is behind us, and just generally have a good time together reminiscing about arguments past. We'll release these commentaries to backers one book's worth at a time. You can read along with them, getting a glimpse into our creative process, and hopefully having quite a few laughs as well.

Please help support Unshelved by pledging today and spreading the word!

Book Reviews

Unshelved Book Club

This week's Unshelved Book Club features books about a dad going out for milk, a writer who loses his manuscripts, a frazzled mother and wife, a girl whose father is serving in Vietnam, Japan's WWII balloon bomb attacks on the U.S., Superman, a cartoonist traveling Europe, and a coffee table book of dazzlingly strange photos.

This classic Unshelved strip

originally appeared on 3/29/2004. Buy a signed print

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Orestes and his family are so poor they measure their lives by how many quesadillas they can eat each day.

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