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Unshelved strip for 12/21/2014

Graphic Novel Reviews

Unshelved Book Club

This week's Unshelved Book Club features graphic novels about ocean explorers, strange crimes, a summer trip, all the things we don't notice around us, Hansel and Gretel, a descendent of the Brothers Grimm, superheroes of the future, and a series of creepy vignettes.

Happy Birthday Gene

Today is Gene's birthday, and I think we can all agree that he looks pretty good for a 92 year-old.

Normally I celebrate his birthday by drawing a strip taking place in the library bathroom, his favorite place. And indeed I had a bathroom-themed script all lined up. But instead I decided to surprise Gene.

When we edit scripts together, sometimes we go off the rails and just have fun writing in a stream-of-consciousness approach that makes us laugh but produces a deeply offensive strip we'd never actually run. Gene always begs me to draw them, and I always say no. Today's was one of these. But then I figured, what they heck, why not. Today's strip isn't really offensive, it's just weird, a description that also applies perfectly to today's birthday boy.

Happy Birthday Gene!

Last Call for Unshelved Christmas Shopping

Monday, December 15th, is your last day to order Unshelved books and merchandise and still have them delivered by Christmas. Reads Well With Others books are now in stock and shipping, so go crazy!

Book Reviews

Unshelved Book Club

This week's Unshelved Book Club features books about confidence, weenies, a breakup, an overly-positive high school student, crappy taxidermy, a Mormon bishop's wife, baseball, and a creepy collection of short comics that take place in the woods.

Spring Speaking Promotion

When it comes to booking speaking gigs, every year is different. For some reason 2015 is coming in heavy on invitations for the Fall, and light for the Spring. This presents an opportunity to you, event coordinator for a library conference or staff day in the Spring! Check out our talks & appareances to find out why we've been hired over 100 times to keynote events in over 40 states and provinces, with many repeat engagements! For a limited time only we'll give you a great deal on Unshelved books for all your attendees! Email Gene for more information!

While we're speaking of speaking, I'm four months into my thirteen month family RV roadtrip around the USA, currently in Georgia. I've been getting rave reviews for my Cartooning in the Digital Age program at public libraries, and I'm now booking appearances in Florida in January, in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi in March, and Texas in April! If you haven't already, email me if you'd like to hire me to speak to your patrons while I'm in your neighborhood!

This classic Unshelved strip

originally appeared on 4/24/2004. Buy a signed print

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After an ice mining spaceship is destroyed, tensions between Mars and those who live in the asteroid belt escalate.

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