I am Princess X
Unshelved strip for 7/2/2015

I Am Princess X

I am Princess X

We are sponsored this week by Scholastic, published of I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest, one of my favorite authors. I'll be honest - the description for this book makes it sound incredible. Click on over and check it out.

Book Reviews

Unshelved Book Club

This week's Unshelved Book Club features books about a boy facing nightmares on the loose, the ghost of Dorothy Parker, MMA fighting in zero gravity, a super sweet love story, a young boy with Asperger's who goes to a birthday party, and an amazingly weird novel about high school student whose death day is only a few weeks off.

Unshelved @ ALA

ALA 2015

ALA Annual starts tomorrow? WHAAAAT? Okay, I guess it's true. And Unshelved will be there in booth 217. Stop by early and pick up your free Be Informed badge ribbon while supplies last! Gene and Ang will also be selling selected Unshelved goodies such as:

  • our famous card catalog USB drive
  • Unshelved books signed by the author
  • bestselling t-shirts such as Without Rockets It's Just Science and Never Forget
  • a bargain bin full of discontinued items at everything-must-go prices. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Have fun in San Francisco!

ALA Previews III

ALA Annual is almost here! But there's still time to find out about events, giveaways, and author signings from last week's sponsors and this week's:

Of course we'll be there too, in booth 217. More information about that tomorrow!

Thanks, Chris!

Thanks to my buddy Chris Hallbeck, for spelling me on drawing duties for the last two weeks while my wrist healed (it's much better now). I thought I was cool because I had two comic strips, but he has three - The Book of Biff, MaxiMumble, and MiniMumble. Chris is a really funny guy, so check them out!

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Strange, inexplicable things are happening around Detective Gould in this noir-esqe mystery.

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