The Lewis Man by Peter May
Unshelved strip for 10/31/2014

Halloween Book Reviews and Guest Strip by Lee Moyer

Unshelved Book Club

Happy Halloween! This week's Unshelved Book Club features spooky and "horrific" stories you may want to read on a night like this, including books about vampires, the Invisible Man, a terrifying virus, a girl with pyrotechnic powers, werewolves, a screaming planet, a ghost, dark forces, and skeletons.

This week's featured book talk for Anno Dracula comes courtesy of our guest artist, my friend Lee Moyer. Lee is ten to eleven times the artist I am, with a twisted sense of humor, and has created so many interesting and fun things that the fastest thing would be for you to go to his website and check them all out (don't miss the Literary Pin-Ups). Thanks for the day off, Lee!

The Lewis Man

The Lewis Man

This week's Unshelved is made possible, in part, by Quercus, published of The Lewis Man by Peter May. Marilyn Stasio in The New York Times raved: “Peter May is a writer I’d follow to the ends of the earth.” Among the many honors received, The Blackhouse, the first novel in May’s acclaimed Lewis trilogy, won the Barry and Crime Thriller Hound awards.

Please thank Quercus for their support of Unshelved by checking out The Lewis Man.

All Done!

We did it! Our Unshelved Goes Digital Kickstarter is over! You unlocked nine, count 'em, nine stretch goals. So:

  • We'll make ebooks for all eleven Unshelved collections plus an eOmnibus of Unshelved Book Club strips
  • Ebooks of the eleven Unshelved collections will be released to libraries to circulate, absolutely free
  • Gene & I will record and release audio commentaries for all our collections
  • We're going to make a whole lot of USB drives shaped like card catalog drawers

Thanks to the almost 1200 backers who made this thing real. We are already hard at work doing the next part of the Kickstarter - making ebooks and drives - and we hope to start shipping the Early Editions orders in the next few weeks!

P.S. If you missed out and still want an ebook and/or drive, sign up here and we'll let you know when we start selling them to the general public!

Final Day

Unshelved Goes Digital Final Day

For those of you who are frankly a little sick of hearing about our Unshelved Goes Digital Kickstarter, good news! Today is the last day. At 7pm EDT (4pm PDT) the campaign ends, and we start the process of making ebooks and figuring out how many USB drives to order.

At this writing we are at over $47k (and yes, that's fantastic, and we're incredibly grateful). Several backers wrote to point out that we didn't have a plan for releasing our Unshelved Book Club eOmnibus to libraries to circulate for free, so we've added a new stretch goal at $55k. And as a big thank-you, if we do reach that lofty height, we'll also include three Unshelved buttons (Never Forget, Choose Books, and Read To Me in special Kickstarter colors) with every USB drive we sell.

Book Reviews

Unshelved Book Club

This week's Unshelved Book Club features books about punk rock animals, typists, a stalker, an aging professor turned screenwriter, a painter whose work made him fabulously wealthy, an insane workplace mystery, the interconnectedness of all people, and a book full of essays on film.

This Unshelved strip

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A graphic novel adaptation of the story of Theseus and the half-bull he fights in the labyrinth beneath Crete.

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