Unshelved comic strip for 12/6/2004

And They're Off!

This morning myself, Gene, and my housemate Jana will be spending a not-insignificant amount of time standing in line at the post office. I had hoped to have printed out our postage ahead of time, but that grew complicated and it wasn't done in time for the being stuffing of envelopes this weekend.

Said stuffing was our most complex ever, involving on the order of 40 SKUS going to several hundred shipments. Gene did most of the stuffing, I provided logistical support and did all the museum and framed prints, and Jenine from the UW iSchool (apparently a division of Apple Computer) helped us pick items for a few hours Saturday morning. Thanks, Jenine!

Aside from realizing we need a better postage solution we're don't yet have a takeaway from this holiday promotion. It is a huge time suck, but we do make some money, and every time someone wears one of our shirts or jackets it's good advertising for us. So chances are we'll keep doing it, albeit in this fashion - shipping only every six weeks or so.

This Unshelved strip

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