Unshelved comic strip for 3/3/2004

Signing In

A few words about our book signing for Baker & Taylor at PLA last week.

First of all, a big thank you to our friend Liz who took some time off work to help us collect money.

The publicity that B&T provided (both physical and electronic mailers) sent a lot of people to both our booth and the signing itself. We were fortunate to have a booth, because not everyone could make the signing times, but it's pretty clear we would have done pretty well just to show up at the signing.

Which leaves us with somewhat of a quandry. Rather than fork up the money for booths - which is large - and the time spent at the booth - also large - should we just focus on signings? They would probably attract most of our existing fans, but everyone walks by booths, and we make quite a few converts right there. So I guess for now we'll stay the booth course. To that end I just booked my tickets to ALA Orlando and bought us a booth right in the heart of the Graphic Novel Pavillion. Gene can't make it but I'll be there with our friend Derek who will once again be helping out.

On Vegans

Not that we've received any hate mail or anything, but for the record Gene likes vegan root beer floats and I myself ate vegan (or close to it) for several years. We always knew Tamara would take the plunge one of these days, and she finally did it. And isn't she perfect for the part?

Orlando Help Wanted

As noted in a previous blog entry we just officially committed ourselves to a booth at the Orlando ALA conference in late June. It's far away from home, and so we could use a little help. Do you live within an hour's drive of the Orlando Convention Center? Would you be willing to do one or all of the following?

  1. Take delivery of a dozen or so boxes of books (US Mail) in mid-June for us to pick up a week later?
  2. Lend us one or two folding 6' tables and chairs for the show (we'll pick them up and return them)
  3. Help out at the show itself? (we'll provide the badge)

Free merchandise, custom drawings, and our deepest thanks go to anyone who helps. Drop us a line.

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