Unshelved comic strip for 8/28/2004

Proofs and Moving

I just finished my first pass on the art. The strips that had to be rescanned took a lot of work and, like every other project I've ever undertaken in my life, took longer than I expected. I'm happy to say that even with preparing the book I've been doing my two-strips-a-day and am now almost two weeks ahead. I'll make a first pass on the proofs tomorrow morning and then pass them on to my friend Rob, who is our volunteer tester/proofreader.

Next week I'm working a short week (I'll probably do 3 strips each day so I don't fall behind). Wednesday through Friday is reserved for moving to the rental house we'll occupy until our remodel is finished sometime next year. We only moved into this house last year, so that's a lot of house moving in just a few years. But the hope is that our remodelled house will be where we'll stay until the last of the kids is off to college. So it should amortize well.

This Unshelved strip

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