Unshelved comic strip for 10/10/2005


Shortly after my wife and I finished Getting Things Done we accomplished the first step - Collecting. We gathered every loose piece of paper in our world into one pile. We wrote down intangible incompletes ("organize closet") and added them to the pile. I added boxes of "to do" and "to be filed" items from one and two house moves ago. It was quite a pile.

Anyway, yesterday she gave me the gift of five uninterrupted child-free hours to process through my vast pile. And I made an enormous emount of progress. I now have a list of doable next actions, some deferred actions for specific times in the future, some someday/maybe items that I won't stress about not doing, and the beginnings of a useful file system for items I will need in the future.

I think this whole thing might work.

Close to Home

Gene and I drove down to Chehalis to speak at Timberland Library System's All Staff Day. It was our biggest crowd yet - 300 people - and we had a lot of fun. Doing the talk with Gene is always a little more fun. We riff off each other well. Afterwards we signed books for seemingly a very long amount of time.

Friday is our last talk for a while, and I'm glad of it. I do love speaking, but even I need a break. And I hear we do a comic strip, so it will be nice to concentrate on it. Oh, and the holidays are coming. So maybe we'll come out with something new to sell.

This Unshelved strip

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