Unshelved comic strip for 11/16/2005


Tomorrow's strip is the first drawn on my new desktop computer Balance. (It's my tradition to name my desktop computers after the quality I am most seeking in my life at the time. Previous models were Accomplishment and Dilligence.) It's much much faster than the outgoing five-year-old model, but it's not entirely stable yet. Windows starts up into a blank login screen and I've had occasional crashes. I have faith that I will work out the quirks over time.

The best part about this little Shuttle SN25P is that it's quiet. Not I-can't-tell-it's-on quiet like my wife's ST62K, but unlike the turbine I was using previously, I basically don't notice it. I certainly don't have to turn up the music to drown it out.

Next objects of consumer electronic desire:

  • A really big really high-resolution flat screen to replace my aging 17" SGI. I like the Dell 24".
  • No-noise headphones - either the Bose noise-cancelling models or the Shure stick-foam-in-your-ear approach.
  • Sadly that's it for now. I am temporarily sated.

Shirts! Shirts! Shirts!

I spent a little while today at our shirt printer, playing with printing machinery and mixing colors. The What Would Dewey Do? shirt came out extremely well. They all look great. The Storytime shirts are especially huggable.

Tomorrow Jana will start shipping out the orders we've been holding. If you've been waiting, thanks for your patience.

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