Unshelved comic strip for 4/27/2005

Chicago Help Wanted

We need a volunteer in the Chicago area to do two things for us:

  1. Take delivery of a bunch of boxes of our books in late May and store them for us for a month
  2. Cart them to the ALA conference center on Friday June 24rd and help us bring them into the exhibit hall

In return for this profound display of support we will shower you with Unshelved merchandise, signed books, lunch, and free exhibit hall passes to ALA

We're taking about a coat closet's worth of boxes. If you don't have a large enough vehicle (or any vehicle at all) we could potentially rent a minivan and pick them up, but help taking them in the hall would be much appreciated.

If you are this good a person, please contact me. Thanks!

P.S. why don't we just ship our books to the conference like everyone else? It's hard enough to make a profit at an expensive show at ALA - paying the exorbinant freight costs just kills us.

Update We have found ourselves a truly good person - one with a minivan.

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