Unshelved comic strip for 2/20/2006

Four (more?) Years

Four short years ago we published our first comic strip on the web. We thought we'd take this opportunity to chat a little about all things Unshelved.

First of all - four years! We started off with forty readers, and as of last week we have over twenty-six thousand. There was a time when most of our readers worked in libraries, but this year many of our new readers were civilians. Ours is a big tent full of book love and customer service humor. You're all very welcome.

Last fall we started the Unshelved Book Club - every Sunday our characters discuss a different book in a full page of color - and it's been extremely well received by librarians, readers, and the authors themselves. Getting personal thank-yous from the likes of Ursula K. LeGuin, David Brin, and Dan Simmons will never get old. Lots of libraries are printing out Book Clubs and using them to promote books, exactly as we intended. Read Responsibly!

They talk! After a few successful experiments in 2004, we hit the speaking circuit full-bore in the fall of 2005, when we gave seven talks in six weeks. This year we'll continue the fun, speaking at state conferences for Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, Connecticut, and New York, with several others in the works. We'll also be exhibiting at PLA, ALA, and Comic-Con. And last but not least, Bill will be part of a webcomics panel at SxSW in Austin next month.

Our fourth Unshelved collection is in the works and we hope to announce it soon. In the meantime we just reprinted our second collection What Would Dewey Do? . That means all three of our books are in print and should be widely available. We also just stocked up on a mess o jackets and shirts. Drop by our store and see what we've got - your support helps keep our little operation running. If you work at a library, bookstore, or comic shop and want to stock our books, they are available through Diamond Book Distributors and most every other book source.

What's next? With the advent of the Book Clubs our original vision for Unshelved is complete. We're slowly making progress on a mainstream book that Bill is sure will get us on Oprah. We've got more ideas for t-shirts than we'll ever be able to sell. But since we both have day jobs and families, six daily strips and a Book Club every week (plus frequent travel) keeps us pretty busy. The TV show may have to wait for a little while.

And now you. We make Unshelved to your demanding specifications, and you reward us with your laughter, your suggestions, your mentions in blogs and mailing lists, recommendations to friends, and of course your business. We couldn't do it without you, but more to the point we wouldn't want to do it without you. We hope that we get to do it for at least four more years. If we do, it'll be because of you.

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