Unshelved comic strip for 2/8/2006


Well I'm heading back to Texas next month, attending my first South by Southwest Interactive. I'll be there to speak at a panel called "How to Blog for Money by Learning From Comics" with my friend Dave Kellett. I'm also just generally planning to shmooze.

But if I'm going all the way to Austin I may as well do something else. Interested in having me speak at your library, bookstore, or comic store? Let me know - the main expense of getting me down there is already covered. My talk is on Monday March 13th, and I'm contemplating heading down there the preceding Friday. Let me know - I need to buy my ticket soon.

Also, I need a place to sleep. Do you live in Austin and have a spare room for a struggling cartoonist? I don't take up much space.

Drop me a line.

New Orleans

After hemming and hawing, and hawing and hemming, we officially signed up to exhibit at ALA in New Orleans this summer.

It wasn't just the New-Orleans-after-Katrina thing, though I did have vague worries about hotels and the convention center. And it wasn't just that the fact that I had vague worries meant that other people were probably having them too, which means total attendance will probably be down. It's that it's a whole mess of time, and right now time is of the essence. But the fact is that ALA Annual is our biggest show of the year. We sell more stuff and sign up more readers than anywhere else, and that would be true even with a scaled-down show.

Besides, I love New Orleans. I want to see it, I want to help, and if I can have some economic impact there, all the better. Stay tuned for more on this subject.

P.S. If you live in New Orleans and would be willing to help us with some logistics, please let me know.

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