Unshelved comic strip for 1/12/2007

Gene's annual Bill's Birthday strip

Every year for my birthday Gene draws the strip. Originally I conceived this as a canny labor-saving strategem, but it probably takes me longer to do post-production on his art than to draw one myself. But I've grown to appreciate his slowly increasing artistic talents. To create some excited anticipation for tomorrow's strip, here are the previous four. I think the Land of the Lost theme restaurant one may be my favorite.


Ignoring all other possible conversations about BookSwim, I'll just focus on one thing. Is it not incredibly cheesy, not to mention worrisome, that their home page has a plea for investment? Why not just head it "WE NEED MONEY"? There are many channels with which to solicit private investment. Home page is not usually one of them, and for good reason.

Okay, one more thing. It's one thing for your customers and reviewers to compare you to other companies. But that they actually say "Netflix for books" (again, on their home page) is not only poor taste, it's almost certainly a trademark infringement. Watch for that particular piece of copy to disappear in record time.

Update 1/17/07 I note that the "Netflix for books" quote is now attributed to some random person. This gives them a little trademark cover, but it's still a bad idea.

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