Unshelved comic strip for 11/16/2007

Pimp My Bookcart: Missing in Action

It was inevitable that with so many entries a few would fall through the cracks. Please enjoy the additional cartage:

Also, I added city/state information to the winners.

Unshelved book orders

If you've ordered our books for your library or bookstore and are still waiting, it may be a few more weeks. Our distributor is plumb out of volume 5, due to a chain of events that one day will be remembered as hilarious but right now seems downright tragic.

And if you haven't ordered our books for your library or bookstore... why not? They are, after all, beloved by people from all walks of life. Here's some helpful info for you:

Unshelved by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum$14.950-9740353-0-0978-0-9740353-0-7
What Would Dewey Do? by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum$14.950-9740353-1-9978-0-9740353-1-4
Library Mascot Cage Match by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum$14.950-9740353-2-7978-0-9740353-2-1
Book Club by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum$17.950-9740353-3-5978-0-9740353-3-8
Read Responsibly by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum$17.950-9740353-4-3978-0-9740353-4-5

None of this affects retail orders from our store. We are all stocked up and shipping for the holidays.

This Unshelved strip

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