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Unshelved comic strip for 5/7/2007

WT Cox Subscriptions

This week's Unshelved is brought to you by the good people at WT Cox Subscriptions, ordering magazines, journals, and periodicals in print and electronic formats for every kind of library.

This is a very special sponsor for us. Three years ago in Seattle we had the booth next to WT Cox. Their man Bonnie Cribbs stood by as folks crowd our booth nonstop the entire conference. On the last day he told us that he would really like to sponsor our site. This was the first time we had really thought about such a thing, and Bonnie continued to bring it up (and tell us more about his company) every time he saw us for three years. So he was the first person we contacted when we started accepting sponsors, and he immediately scheduled this very week in May.

Please show Bonnie his perseverance was worthwhile by looking into their services.

This Unshelved strip

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