Unshelved comic strip for 8/30/2007

Book Clubs in their Natural Habitat

Check out this great display of Unshelved Book Clubs by Snow Wildsmith, Youth Services Librarian from Mooresville, North Carolina! We hear that folks all over are doing this sort of thing, and we love it. This is exactly how we hope folks will use our strips.

P.S. Like that "Read Responsibly" poster? You can still get it from the ALA store - all proceeds go to ALA.

Bookhunter by Jason Shiga

A few librarians have written, asking where to order Jason Shiga's Bookhunter for their libraries. It was, until recently, available at amazon.com. I got my copy at my local comic book store a few months ago. sparkplugcomicbooks.com seems to have copies for sale, too, though I've never ordered from them.

The good news? You can read Bookhunter for free at shigabooks.com . Just click on the "Books" link.

Does one put a period on the end of a URL when it ends a sentence?

Pimp My Bookcart contest ends on Halloween!

You had planned on fixing up that bookcart, back when we started this year's contest. Its served your library for decades. It needs a little TLC, plus something extra to show it that you know its special. You designed robotic arms, mirrored surfaces, high gloss paint, neon trim. But vou've been distracted over the summer by plans for your Halloween costume, a set of Stormtrooper armor in the the exact shade and texture of that pink cupcake's frosting, the one you ate back in June. And now you're feeling guilty. Your rusted bookcart still sits mewling, forgotten in the corner. You promised it a paint job. When its castors started to squeek, you told it you had everything under control.

Don't worry, you've still got time for your costume and to fix up your bookcart!

Our second Pimp My Bookcart contest ends on October 31st. Entries continue to roll in, but we want to see YOURS. First and second place finishers get new bookcarts courtesy of Highsmith plus gift certificates to our store. Imagine your old bookcart with a new friend! Runners up will receive a complete set of all five Unshelved book to add to their bookcart's decoration.

And that Halloween end date is no mistake. Take your dressed up bookcart trick or treating. Put an empty pillow case in its hand and convince your neighbors it's your cousin Sidney. It's not just a chance to enter our contest, it's a chance for extra candy.

For inspiration, look no further than this entertaining entry. We prefer pictures, but, it turns out, we accept video.

Complete rules, a prize list, and more can be found at http://www.unshelved.com/PimpMyBookcart/.

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