Unshelved comic strip for 10/10/2008

On Nuns

A few weeks ago someone unsubscribed to our email delivery. Their reason? Our stereotypic portrayal of nuns. Now I only draw and co-write the strip, but in our six and a half years I think we've featured exactly one nun, a character from The Gargoyle who was certainly not stereotypic. But we decided that such a message deserved a strip which justified her peevishness, so we made today's.

Damn You, Scott Westerfeld.

After seeing the cover of The Risen Empire at a local bookstore, I remembered a quote about how well Scott Westerfeld wrote space battles. And I've enjoyed everything of his I've read. And here was one of his space operas, staring me in the face.

I checked it out at the library, failed to ignore it atop the (growing) pile of other books in my room, and finally gave in. Then I had to read the sequel (The Killing of Worlds). Goodbye free time.

The books were INCREDIBLE, but now I'm BEHIND on everything else and staying up late to catch up: writing, green tea, writing, wine, writing, online shopping spree for French comics after talking to FirstSecond's Mark Siegel today...something like that.

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