Unshelved comic strip for 12/24/2008

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What a lovely Christmas present! Several hundred of you, working in parallel, have painstakingly transcribed over 2400 Unshelved comic strips. There are only a few left (you can find a partial list here). In fact you've done so many that I haven't been able to keep up - I still have several hundred to edit and approve.

But clearly we have critical mass to make search useful, so I'm turning it on as of today. Just go to our archive and you'll find a handy dandy little search box on the sidebar (known bug: typing search text and pressing ENTER doesn't work on all browsers. Workaround: type search text, press TAB and then press ENTER). It's quite illustrative to find out how often a comic about a library ends up being about coffee.

So many of you entered transcriptions that we can't thank you all by name. But we would like to send special thanks to Alexander Wei, who single-handedly transcribed hundreds and hundreds of strips. We're going to send him the framed print of his choice - now it'll be easy to find!

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