Unshelved comic strip for 2/5/2008

Unshelved Collections

We're taking a break from paid sponsors this week to highlight our fabulous collections, five in all. We spend more money printing these than we strictly had to. And that's because we love books, we love them a lot, and so when it came time to put our own comic strips into book form we wanted sturdy, attractive volumes that we would love. And it pays off every time someone picks up one of our books because, almost invariably, they run their fingers over the matte finish on the covers, weigh the heft of the heavy paper stock we use, and admire the beautiful color printing outside and (in our last 3 volumes) in.

Starting with What Would Dewey Do? all our collections include Unshelved comics you've never seen on our website. Library Mascot Cage Match includes a 24 page full-color comic book called Empire County Strikes Back about the Mallville staff fighting the Mother of all Bookmobiles (you can read a PDF preview here). And Book Club and Read Responsibly include our beloved Unshelved Book Club book talks in comic strip form.

If you're buying for yourself you can do so at our store or at a selection of enlightened booksellers and comic stores. If you're buying for your library or book store you can find all five volumes through every major vendor via our distributor Diamond Book Distributors. And if you'd like to stock them at your comic shop you can order them from Diamond Comics.

Thanks for supporting Unshelved!

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