Unshelved comic strip for 3/30/2008

One More Day

We were going to end our "Buy Any Two Shirts, Get A Read Irresponsibly Shirt Free" promotion on Monday March 31, but because the site was down for almost 24 hours this week I'm going to extend until first thing Wednesday morning. And just in case you are hoping there's something better around the corner, we are not replacing this free shirt with a different free shirt. In fact, not only will this shirt become not-free, and not replaced by a different free shirt, we will in fact be raising the price on it. So get it while it's still cheap and/or free!

Double Vision

Well, will you look at that. I accidentally posted Friday's strip as Saturday's, and only just now noticed. I have posted the correct one. Deepest apologies. Sunday's is on the way.


At PLA I kept running into Carol Fitzgerald, cofounder of this week's sponsor Bookreporter. Every time she had a new tidbit or opinion about books and the publishing world. That's a knowledgebase worth tapping into. Visiting her site and sign up for their weekly database!

This Unshelved strip

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