Unshelved comic strip for 5/23/2008

They're shipping!

They're here! Thousands of copies of our newest collection, Frequently Asked Questions! And they're beautiful! And I have to sign them all!

We've also just received all of our new t-shirts - Reader's Advisory, Bibliovore, and library schooled. They are particularly nice looking pieces of clothing.

This means we are now in full-bore shipping mode. We will send out as many orders as we can before BEA, and the rest when we return. Meanwhile, if you haven't taken advantage of our preorder you still have a week to do so - it ends May 31. Order by then and Gene and I will sign your copy of FAQ and I'll sketch Colleen (or the character of your choice). And we'll also sign any other books you order with FAQ, so take advantage of our any-six-books-for-$70-plus-free-shipping deal. And you'll save $3 when you buy any two shirts, so that's reason to order as well.

Update: The preorder deadline is, of course, May 31 not March 31.

This Unshelved strip

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