Unshelved comic strip for 7/28/2008

Quiet Please

Our thanks to Da Capo Press, publisher of Quiet Please by Scott Douglas, for sponsoring last week's Unshelved. When I read it I thought it was the closest yet I'd seen to our comic strip in prose form. Let me know if you think so too.

ComicCon 2008 in Sixty Seconds

  • Our most successful Comic Con ever. Closing in on ALA as our biggest show.
  • Didn't bring enough shirts. A nice, but frustrating, problem to have.
  • Too exhausted every night to do anything particularly social. But we did attend a rooftop party the last night, and enjoyed watching the fireworks.
  • Favorite book bought: Chainsawsuit by our friend Kris Straub. Kris draws Starslip Crisis, which is a solid strip, extremely well crafted. But CSS, a bunch of quick scrawls, made me laugh out loud while I sat in my booth, ignoring our customers. There's something to be said for the unfiltered approach.
  • Let's do it again next year, 'kay?

Diamond Bookshelf

This week Unshelved is made possible, in part, by Diamond Book Distributors. DBD is our distributor, so already you know they're a quality operation. But they also distribute a few smaller imprints you may have heard of, like Marvel, Image, Dark Horse... in short, they are responsible for getting graphic novels to many book stores and libraries. Diamond publishes a monthly newsletter called Diamond Bookshelf, featuring news and reviews that you can use to make sense of the onslaught of graphic novels and manga. Sign up today!

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