Unshelved comic strip for 11/19/2009

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We're getting lots of great questions and answers on our new Unshelved® Answers site. Here are just a few:

Come answer these questions and ask your own!

P.S. Want to understand how to using voting on Unshelved® Answers? This question has the answer!

Hot off the Presses

Our fabulous t-shirt printers are working even faster than normal. Jana, shown here supermodeling, will be shipping out the Recycle Books shirts tomorrow, with the rest soon to follow! Order now for nearly-instant gratification!

P.S. Now that I've seen the shirts in real life I've updated the colors on the site. They're darker and more handsome than I had implied.

BEA 2009 reminded me of a comic convention

This year, BEA reminded me of the big comic conventions I've attended, though 1) there were no exclusive BEA-only action figures (hint to marketers for next year) 2) Bill didn't need time away from the booth to wait in line for Joss Whedon (another hint for next year, on behalf of Bill) and 3) I didn't see any ninjas. But if the ninjas are good I wouldn't have seen them, so they may have been there...

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