Unshelved comic strip for 2/2/2009

One Book A Day!

Welcome to our first-ever week of One Book A Day!

Here's how it works. Instead of having the same sponsor for the whole week, as is usual for us, each day of this week will instead be sponsored by a different author or publisher. The end result? You'll hear about one book, wait for it, every day. It's a diverse selection, intentionally so, and I think we've got something to interest everybody.

If you're away from your computer for a day, have no fear. The banners will stay in our archive for a full four weeks. And on Sunday I'll list the seven books for your convenience.

If you're an author or publisher and think this sounds like a good idea, drop me a line. We plan to have several more such weeks over the course of the year.

The Gambler

I'm guessing at least a few of you hit our archive's new full-text search to discover that, yes, we have previously touched on the library wisdom espoused in the classic Kenny Rogers song The Gambler. Well, we're doing it again.

P.S. Here's my favorite version:

This Unshelved strip

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