Unshelved comic strip for 4/2/2009

TxLA rocked (and my early departure)

If you were planning on visiting me at TxLA Friday I'm afraid I will disappoint you. I packed up the booth this afternoon.

This is no fault of the conference. Quite the opposite! I sold almost everything I brought. Which is one reason not to show up tomorrow - I've got nothing to sell. The other is that I have a nasty chest cough which crept into my throat and became laryngitis. By the end of today even whispering was painful. This makes it very difficult to converse with people. So I'm going to convalesce tomorrow morning before my flight home.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to buy something or just say Hi. I couldn't be more thrilled about our first TxLA and I can't wait to return next year!

P.S. Don't miss my friend (and host) Terry Moore, who will be part of the Mavericks of Graphic Novels panel at 8am on Friday.

Emerald City Comic Con

This weekend is Seattle's own Emerald City Comic Con, or ECCC as it's acronymically known. It's turned into a really great show and we're proud and excited to be there at booth 305. Gene, Jana, and myself will be taking turns at the booth when we're not walking around chatting up all the awesomely talented cartoonists who will be there. And, you know, buying stuff. Join us!

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